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“Our hyperconnected world has become so complex that existing decision-making processes within organizations are no longer sufficient. In a study, about 65% of executives from Fortune 500 companies said that, as a result, decision-making in their organization has also fundamentally changed. The perception that high-quality company decisions are made is reported by just 57% of respondents.

…Time for companies to rethink decision-making. The tool to make proven groundbreaking decisions for your business is Decision Intelligence (DI). It enables organizations to make future-proof decisions faster and more efficiently using advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, or process automation.

…The term “decision intelligence” was first introduced in Lorien Pratt’s book “Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World” before being adopted by market researcher Gartner, who has named DI one of the most important technology trends in 2022 and further developed as a strategic business tool.”