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Decision Intelligence News
AI/BI/CI/DI: Decision intelligence (DI) solves the world's most complex problems by connecting actions to outcomes.  It connects collaborating human decision makers to knowledge and also to technologies like machine learning, AI, deep learning, visual decision modeling, complex systems modeling, big data, predictive analytics, UX design, statistical analysis, business intelligence, business process management, causal reasoning, evidence-based analysis, and more. See For an overview, see the webinar at,, and the Decision Intelligence group:   Also, my company offers DI and machine learning consulting services.  See to learn more.  Don't miss the latest DI news! Sign up at
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December 20, 2022 12:58 PM!

Is "Insights" the right way to think about the value of data?

Is "Insights" the right way to think about the value of data? | Decision Intelligence News |

"Though it’s the stock response, 'insights' is precisely the wrong way to think about how an advance in AI will create value. In fact, we feel that 'insights' often is code for 'We don’t know what to do with our AI’s predictions.'

A much better answer would be to describe the decisions that the predictions will improve, because AI has value only if it leads to better decision-making."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

In examining how AI predictions affect decisions, this article goes beyond the need to focus on decisions vs. "insights". Because insights don't get you all the way to understanding the impact of your actions on outcomes.

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September 16, 2022 12:45 PM!

Why Decision Intelligence Is The Next Digital Transformation

Why Decision Intelligence Is The Next Digital Transformation | Decision Intelligence News |

"Create a decision intelligence excellence team, with key stakeholders from every department by agreeing on a consensus for the current state and advocating for a new operating model revolving around data and AI.


Bring clarity on how you are going to measure the success of your decisions by focusing on clear outcomes with meaningful impact. Build an implementation roadmap by highlighting the highest impact decisions followed up with a phased implementation plan.


Top management is an important driver that has to ensure various business cases align with day-to-day activities..."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Mex Emini not only understands the importance of focusing on outcomes and including a human in the loop, he provides excellent advice on how to bring the benefits of DI to your organization.

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October 25, 2022 11:27 AM!

Decision Intelligence and the Future Beyond BI

Decision Intelligence and the Future Beyond BI | Decision Intelligence News |

"As every company strives to become data-driven, decision intelligence has emerged as one of the most strategic technology imperatives today. And for good reason. Today there’s more data than ever before, and decision-making is becoming more challenging. Decision intelligence democratizes AI-enabled analytics and enables anyone within an organization to make better decisions faster and more consistently...

The underlying problem with traditional analytics is that it is inaccessible to the users responsible for making business decisions. Traditionally, the skills and knowledge needed to build, manipulate, and report the relevant data often have been more aligned with tech and development personnel—not business leaders and strategists. Decision intelligence changes that, in Gartner’s words, by facilitating 'a wide range of decision making' through advanced AI and 'adapted system applications.'"

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Kohl provides insights in to the "why" of decision intelligence. More data alone will not produce better decisions. Without the right tools, more data means more cost and complexity. The power of DI is to quickly put the right data-plus non-data sources of decision information- into the hands of every decision-maker.

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There is no doubt that the future is of AI and Robots @aman