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Decision Intelligence News
AI/BI/CI/DI: Decision intelligence (DI) solves the world's most complex problems by connecting actions to outcomes.  It connects collaborating human decision makers to knowledge and also to technologies like machine learning, AI, deep learning, visual decision modeling, complex systems modeling, big data, predictive analytics, UX design, statistical analysis, business intelligence, business process management, causal reasoning, evidence-based analysis, and more. See For an overview, see the webinar at,, and the Decision Intelligence group:   Also, my company offers DI and machine learning consulting services.  See to learn more.  Don't miss the latest DI news! Sign up at
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November 15, 2022 12:26 PM!

Software to Help Users Think

Software to Help Users Think | Decision Intelligence News |

"So here’s a question for you: does the software system you’re building help people to 'do', or to think, or both? 

And if it helps them to think, then do you understand how they think today? Do you know what’s natural to them? Are you asking them to learn to think in an entirely different way, just to use your system? Or have you learned – like the great 'doing' software designers of the last century – that it’s your job to start with the user, to meet them where they’re at?"

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September 23, 2022 12:34 PM!

How to Use DI to Improve Risk Management, Customer Experience, and Fraud Detection

How to Use DI to Improve Risk Management, Customer Experience, and Fraud Detection | Decision Intelligence News |

“Decision intelligence can enable decision makers across the company to measure, quantify, and predict risk with this data to create a consistent methodology steeped in data-driven insights. The technology can place advanced insights into the hands of analysts and business users—helping accelerate formative decision making across the entire organization and eliminating silos between data and sales departments.


For example, a top 10 financial services firm used decision intelligence to improve credit risk analysis. The enhanced analytics capabilities streamlined to a single tool--versus the several solutions the company previously deployed--made it easier for their business and data teams to better collaborate, generate and test hypotheses, and put those into action. The result was thousands of hours of productivity gains, as well as $700,000 saved per month in mitigated losses in just one credit department.”

Lorien Pratt's insight:
This kind of data- and analytics-driven DI has proven its value in risk management, but adding actions-to-outcomes takes it to the next level of value to the business as a whole.
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October 28, 2022 1:11 PM!

2022 Total Economic Impact Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi

2022 Total Economic Impact Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi | Decision Intelligence News |

"According to study participants, Gurobi enables them to solve problems significantly faster than open-source solvers, other commercial solvers, and spreadsheet-based optimization tools. Specifically, participants reported that Gurobi reaches optimality 10x faster than other commercial solvers."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

This article focuses on optimization: an important element of the DI technology stack. Decision modeling lets us identify the outcomes we want, available actions, causal chains from actions to outcomes, and the data, models, and human expertise that inform causal chains from action to outcomes. Once we have a decision modeling, simulation and optimization then lets us use the model to explore decision behavior and find the best actions to take to achieve our outcomes.

In the future we'll see optimization tools like those from Gurobi integrated with the other elements of the DI stack, following an emerging industry architecture.

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September 16, 2022 12:45 PM!

Why Decision Intelligence Is The Next Digital Transformation

Why Decision Intelligence Is The Next Digital Transformation | Decision Intelligence News |

"Create a decision intelligence excellence team, with key stakeholders from every department by agreeing on a consensus for the current state and advocating for a new operating model revolving around data and AI.


Bring clarity on how you are going to measure the success of your decisions by focusing on clear outcomes with meaningful impact. Build an implementation roadmap by highlighting the highest impact decisions followed up with a phased implementation plan.


Top management is an important driver that has to ensure various business cases align with day-to-day activities..."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Mex Emini not only understands the importance of focusing on outcomes and including a human in the loop, he provides excellent advice on how to bring the benefits of DI to your organization.

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