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Infographic: How Telehealth Is Connecting Patients & Providers

Infographic: How Telehealth Is Connecting Patients & Providers | Death Care |
Infograpihc created by Orange Healthcare illustrates how telehealth is connecting patients and providers improving care and quality of life for patients.
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5 reasons why health care can’t afford to be antisocial

5 reasons why health care can’t afford to be antisocial | Death Care |

For a long time, health, medical and pharma have shied away from social media. But brands must meet people where they are: online. Health, medical and pharma are no exception. The greatest risk in the gamble of social media for health care companies isn’t legal regulations. It’s a complete absence on social media. In order to be compliant, companies need to partner with social media experts who understand the nuances of social media to identify how to apply existing knowledge and practice to new marketing channels. Companies can no longer shun social media. Social media is both business and culture. It’s where everyone is.

Here’s why your company can’t afford to be antisocial:

Conversations are happening whether you like it or not

You have absolutely no control over conversations already taking place on social media if you are not actively engaged. People are already talking online about your brand and their experiences. While preparing a social media campaign for a medical device company, we found hundreds of conversations already taking place about their product.

What we have learned (and you can too) with social listening data:

Information for target personas.The kind of language surrounding the product.The current state of awareness for the product.Who the influencers are in the patient’s decision-making process.

This is 21st century PR

No matter how good your PR team is, you can’t react quickly, if you’re using traditional media. “Social media enables brands to actively respond in real-time to questions or concerns with responses that can deliver impact and insight from the brand's perspective,” explains Richard Morrow, ParkerWhite’s digital director.

There is no risk management without social media

By participating in social media, your brand has a chance to educate consumers and clarify where online chatter may be inaccurate. Your company will be talked about, and if you’re not there to contribute to the conversation, you forfeit the chance to steer the conversation.

You say you’re high tech, but it’s all talk

Your marketing efforts and channel use reflect how in-touch your company is with the latest technology. Today’s consumers expect to see brands online. If you’re not there, it can send the wrong message about your company’s capabilities and your product offering. If you want consumers to see your product as the latest technology you have to get with the latest technology.

No one ever likes the silent treatment

With so many consumers online, it’s hard to argue that you have good customer service if you’re not there to answer them. When consumer questions and complaints go unanswered in the social sphere it reflects poorly on your company. Nobody likes someone who gives the silent treatment, and this extends to social business. People don’t respond well to being ignored, especially if they are already unhappy. You may face lost business and unhappy customers on a mission to disgrace you.

Companies who want to connect to consumers need to meet patients online. By ignoring social media, you’re ignoring consumers, compromising your company’s technological and cultural competence, and jeopardizing your brand’s reputation.

The question to ask yourself now is: Can you afford not to use social media as a health, medical or pharma company?

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New 'mini-neural computer' discovered in brain

A new discovery that dendrites - projections of neurons in the brain - actively process information could help us better understand neurological disorders, researchers say.


Neuroscientists from University College London (UCL) in the UK and the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill made this discovery, which was published recently in the journalNature, after years of research.


"Suddenly, it's as if the processing power of the brain is much greater than we had originally thought," says Spencer Smith, assistant professor from the UNC School of Medicine.


The team notes previous research has demonstrated that dendrites use molecules supporting electrical spikes in axons - nerve fibers that direct electrical pulses away from the cell body - to create electrical spikes themselves.


However, it was unclear whether our normal brain activity uses those spikes from dendrites. The neuroscientists found that dendrites do actively process neuronal input signals on their own, acting as "mini-neural computers."

 Implications for neurological disorders

The researchers say that their findings could change the way the scientific community thinks about how neural circuitry works in the brain.


"Imagine you're reverse engineering a piece of alien technology," says Smith, "and what you thought was simple wiring turns out to be transistors that compute information. That's what this finding is like. The implications are exciting to think about."


The team from UNC plans to do further research into what this newly discovered role of dendrites might play in brain circuitry, particularly in conditions where the integration of dendritic signals may malfunction.


Smith explained "It is tremendously difficult to develop treatments for neurological disorders like autism andschizophrenia, because we don't understand how the healthy brain functions, let alone what goes wrong in those diseases. Thus basic neuroscience research, like our study, is an essential step on the long road to new treatments."

For more details and researcher comments see the original :

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thechoice's curator insight, November 22, 2013 2:24 AM

Amazing we have neuron, it mean we have mini computer 

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From funeral services to freeze-drying, today's pet owners looking for a more ... - National Post

From funeral services to freeze-drying, today's pet owners looking for a more ... - National Post | Death Care |
National Post
From funeral services to freeze-drying, today's pet owners looking for a more ...

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