Twitter Needs New Leadership
Yesterday Twitter released very disappointing quarterly results, with misses on both user and revenue growth. From the Wall Street Journal:

Twitter Inc. delivered its weakest quarterly revenue growth as a publicly traded company, casting a shadow on its fledgling advertising business, which...
United Nations Keeps its Finger on the Global Pulse with DataSift
The United Nations’ Global Pulse initiative is partnering with DataSift to analyze worldwide opinions on vaccinations, poverty and other humanitarian topics. Here’s how they do it.
What the End of the Twitter-DataSift Partnership Means for Customers
Disclosures Let’s get this out of the way right up front. DataSift is a client of mine at Altimeter Group. I am closely connected to Twitter via my role as a board member of the Big Boulder Initiat...
Twitter Ends Partnership with DataSift
Twitter has ended its partnership with social analytics firm DataSift, sparking accusations from its ex that it has "seriously damaged" the data reselling ecosystem.

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Five Unique Things You Can Do with PYLON for Facebook Topic Data
If you saw my earlier blog posts on PYLON for Facebook Topic Data you will know how PYLON works and what you can do with it. But what is it that you get with topic data that makes it so valuable to brands and marketers? Essentially there are five key capabilities that are available in...
Get the Best of WordPress—Filtered, Relevant and in Real-Time
WordPress is the perfect place to pitch your online tent. In fact, this online publishing platform now powers 23% of the entire Internet. It’s a big claim backed by big stats: more than 409 million people view more than 15.5 billion pages each month, and WordPress users publish about 41.
DataSift Developer Community Site Launched
As we continue to offer more and more features to customers, such as PYLON for Facebook Topic Data, we're also investing to improve the experience building against our platform. This means more useful and relevant content available to marketers, agencies and most importantly - developers.
People First, Privacy First at F8 and Beyond: Facebook and DataSift’s Shared Privacy Focus
F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference in San Francisco, has just wrapped up two days of best practices, lessons learned, demos and how-to sessions. Facebook made some exciting announcements, including
People First at the Facebook Developer Conference
I started at DataSift a couple of months ago and have just taken my first trip to our San Francisco office. I was lucky enough when I was in town to get myself one of the hottest tickets in Silicon Valley - a place at F8, the Facebook developer conference.
Data Protection Around the World
We all have an expectation of privacy, but each person’s expectation differs. Whilst some are perfectly happy to open-up on public networks like Twitter, others rail against targeted advertising.
Why Facebook Topic Data is a Big Deal for the Marketing Industry
Last week Facebook and Datasift announced the release of topic data, a new way for brands to understand their audiences through their Facebook activity. Today, Francesco Dorazio of
Techniques to Anonymize Human Data
Part of the difficulty and sensitivity of working with Human Data is protecting the privacy of the individuals that data represents. The most important principle to remember is that if you do not need to be processing personally identifiable information (PII), then don’t.
LexisNexis and DataSift: Powerful Insight from News and Business Sources
How do you get a complete picture of the trends that should shape your future strategy? Insight into upcoming business opportunities and threats? The events your customers care about? Social data intelligence can answer many of these questions—but it’s often only part of the picture.
Marketing Lessons from the Muppets
It’s a brave person who thinks they have nothing to learn from the Muppets. Today’s lesson comes from that Sesame Street stalwart Cookie Monster. When he first discovered cookies his mantra was Me want cookie! Me eat cookie! Om nom nom nom, but as time passed Mr.
United Nations Keeps its Finger on the Global Pulse with DataSift
The United Nations’ Global Pulse initiative is partnering with DataSift to analyze worldwide opinions on vaccinations, poverty and other humanitarian topics. Here’s how they do it.
Future Trends in Privacy Activism that Could Affect Big Data
The privacy environment is heating up. Its theme in 2015 could simply be “watch this space,” but I’ll flesh that out a little more. I see three areas that could well affect your data programs into the new year and beyond: New default settings on consumer oriented devic...
Twitter to Cut Off Firehose Resellers

Twitter is taking back full control over who has access to its ‘firehose’ of real-time tweet data. Firehose data was previously made available to third-party apps via three authorized resellers – Gnip (which it acquired a year ago), Datasift and NTT Data. In a post on the Gnip blog yesterday, Twitter announced that it would be transitioning all data customers to a direct relationship with the company from August this year.

Twitter Cuts Off DataSift to Step Up Its Own Big Data Business
In the push for more revenue growth, Twitter has been building up its business in areas like advertising and commerce, but a move made late Friday night..
Twitter Cutting Ties With All Data Resellers
Twitter is bringing more of its data licensing business in-house.
Cutting Us Off Harms Twitter's Business
DataSift is broadening the appeal of its social data platform in the enterprise, its CEO told me. Losing access to Twitter's firehose won't derail that
Twitter Cuts Off Data Stream
Founder switches focus to Facebook
Facebook Becomes a Marketing Guru
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has launched Topic Data in collaboration with DataSift, which will be providing advanced user insights to marketers to help target ads accordingly.
What Are Facebook Users Talking About? Advertisers Can Now Find Out.
Facebook knows what we like, and now it's sharing the wealth.
Cohen’s Point72 Hires 30 People for Big Data Investing
Facebook to offer insights on what users are talking about - CNET
The move is part of a broader push by the company to help advertisers better understand how people use the social network.
Facebook to Start Telling Brands Who's Talking About What Topics
facebook will start telling marketers the types of people discussing specific topics and what they're saying, through a partnership with datasift.
DataSift Partners with Facebook to Bring Facebook Topic Data to Marketers
It is with great excitement that we’re announcing our partnership with Facebook to give marketers a deeper understanding into the topics that people are engaging in on the world’s largest social platform.
Facebook Finally Lets its Firehose be Tapped for Marketing Insights Thanks to DataSift
Twitter's firehose of tweets has long been offered as a goldmine for businesses trying to understand how to improve or market their products, and now Facebook..
Topic Data: Learn What Matters to Your Audience
To make marketing content more relevant for people and more effective for marketers, we're introducing topic data to select Facebook partners.
Prepping the Cloud for the Internet of Things
As billions more devices get connected to the internet, there will be a huge infrastructure transformation on the backend. Cloud computing will play a major role in how the world takes advantage of that device-driven data explosion.
Apache Mahout, Machine Learning
The Apache Mahout project will now support Apache Spark and another data engine called H20 as it tries to retain its status as the go-to set of machine learning libraries for Hadoop.
Continuuity Open Sources Loom for Devops on Big Data Clusters
Big data startup Continuuity has open sourced a tool called Loom that’s designed to make deploying and managing large clusters a push-button experience. These types of tools are important as data-driven applications become more common, but the infrastructure remains a challenge.
The Internet of Things Will Require New Thinking on Data Centers
Connecting billions of devices to the internet and then building services around the data those devices collect will require a shift in the way we think about data centers. You’re going to have to accept the cloud.
Two Great Social Data Platforms: How DataSift and Gnip Stack Up keeps you up to date with web mashups and APIs: what's new, interesting, useful and important. Hundreds of mashups and APIs. Contribute, search, view, and chart them.
What's Up with Watson?
This week in cloud: Questions pop up about how well Watson’s doing; Greenqloud launches a hybrid cloud and more.
IBM Buys NoSQL Cloud Database Startup Cloudant
IBM has acquired cloud-based database startup Cloudant. It’s a smart move in terms of getting a foothold in the cloud database space, but it also seemingly forces IBM to embrace cloud providers and technologies outside its current umbrella.
Structure Data Speakers
Structure Data has a great lineup of speakers, including a handful that will be talking about how to take advantage of new types of data. Here is a list of sessions anyone interested in sensors, location or artificial intelligence won’t want to miss.
Google Vet's Move to Snapchat Raises Specter of Non-Cloud Deployment
When a cloud customer even casually mentions the possibility of moving some loads on-site, all hell can break loose, as we saw on Tuesday.
DataSift on CNBC
DataSift founder Nick Halstead discusses his plans to launch an IPO in a couple of years' time. DataSift aggregates social media data for businesses and Halstead is famed as the founder of Twitter's "retweet" button.
Cloud Boom is On, Research Says
The week in cloud: IT spending on cloud infrastructure and services will grow a healthy 20 percent to 172.4 billion next year, according to IHS Technology.
xkcd: Frequency
Great visualization from xkcd.
Dropbox Hires Google Veteran as COO
Dropbox is fighting hard to win the enterprise cloud storage market, and Dennis Woodside may have the experience it needs to head up that effort.
The State of Hadoop, What's up with Rackspace?
On this week’s Structure Show, Mike Olson talks about why Cloudera keeps a sharp eye on new consumer internet technology and we wonder about Rackspace’s CEO planning now that Microsoft has finally settled down
The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Big Data
According to one projection, the sales of big-data-related products and services grew to more than $18 billion in 2013. Companies can now map your...
Here's What the Internet's Arteries Look Like in 2014
Telegeography has published the 2014 edition of its submarine cable map, providing an excellent representation of the infrastructure that makes global connectivity global.
Mac Pro: Seymour Cray Would Have Approved
As Macintosh turns 30, here is an unscientific comparison between the 128K Mac and its polished descendant, the Mac Pro. By Jean-Louis Gassée
Microsoft Tells the World How to Build Servers
By publicizing the server specs for its data center workloads, Microsoft could reap some rewards in its own supply chain, and be assured that it has a hand in the data center designs of the future.
Inside a Custom-Built Data Centre
As firms store an increasing amount of data, the demand for custom-built data centres is on the rise.
Liberating Machine Vision from the Machines
Image courtesy of Sight Machine Inc. Money is pouring into the Internet of Things, built around smart sensors connected to the Internet. But the richest se
Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop
Big Data: Four Predictions for 2014
Big data was seen as one of the biggest buzzwords of 2013, when companies often used the term inappropriately and in the wrong context. This year, people will finally understand what it means
Hackathons and Jams UK
This is an online competition with £25,000 of prizes for the best hacks to tame traffic congestion on London's streets. You can compete from anywhere in the world - this is an online competition
35 "Big-Brained" Leaders
Big Data on the High Seas
In the summer of 2012, an oil tanker anchored mid-ocean transferred cargo for 19 hours. Separately, a ship en route to the Philippines turned its location-broadcasting system on and off, disappearing and reappearing every 36 hours.
Is 2014 the Year of the Big Data Stack?
Richard Daley, one of the founders and chief strategy officer of analytics and business intelligence specialist Pentaho, believes that such a stack will begin to come together this year as consensus begins to develop around certain big data reference architectures--though the upper layers of the ...
Structure Data: Just the Right Amount of Hadoop
You can’t talk about data without talking Hadoop.
How Google Cracked House Number Identification in Street View
Google can identify and transcribe all the views it has of street numbers in France in less than an hour, thanks to a neural network that’s just as good as human operators. Now its engineers reveal how they developed it.
What Does Wall St Think of Big Data?
IntroductionDespite the dramatic appreciation of "Big Data" technology growth stocks such as Splunk (SPLK), Tableau Software (DATA), and Datawatch (DWCH), there is one company that investors have overlooked, which r...
What's Wrong with the Definition of Data Science
This is another provocative KDNuggets blog post: the data scientist is reduced to three circles, missing the biggest, most important one that encompasses all t…
How Google Applies Big Data to Know You
The Google Brain is very complex in analysing your search query and providing you with the right answer within milliseconds. How do they do it?
Why Python and Scala aren't Old News
Big data tools are evolving fast. Here's an overview of the most popular tools used in the field today and how some of the most experienced data scientists are making their decisions.
BuzzFeed's Secret Weapon: Ky Harlin
The man behind the science of shareability at BuzzFeed came from an unlikely place—a medical imaging startup.
Interview with Pinterest's Data Scientist
An interview with Pinterest data scientist, Mohammad Shahangian, about his career path and Pinterest social data.
More than 100 Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Visualization Books
Also, coming soon (March 2014), my data science book published by Wiley, full of new material. I have written 6.5 chapters out of 8 so far, and I will share th…
When Academic Research Goes Viral
After a frenzy of media attention focused on a global social-networking study that said Facebook was “dead and buried” for younger users, the study’s author qualifies his comments — and takes some of the blame for the flaws in the viral story...
Kaggle: Data Science Community
My experience joining and competing in Kaggle data-science competitions.
Tencent Poised for a Big Year
You may not have heard of Tencent but you can bet Facebook and Google have. The Chinese mobile apps provider and internet portal makes 80 percent of its revenue selling actual services not advertising.
The Key Word in “Data Science” is not Data, it is Science
K-means Clustering 86 Single Malt Scotch Whiskies
by Luba Gloukhov The first time I had an Islay single malt, my mind was blown. In my first foray into the world of whiskies, I took the plunge into the smokiest, peatiest beast of them all — Laphroig.
How to Build a Successful Data Science Team
Don't try to find one superhuman who does it all. You need three experts: business analyst, machine learning expert, and data engineer, says Lithium Technologies chief scientist.
6000 Companies Hiring Data Scientists
Search engines (Google, Microsoft), social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), financial institutions, Amazon, Apple, eBay, the health care industry, engin…
Let's Bring the Polymath
Some of the most exciting advancements in computing right now come from the field of deep learning, and companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are all involved because frankly, this kind of interdisciplinary approach isn’t happening...
Datasift Adds Sina Weibo
The data mining company can now offer its customers access to data from China’s largest social network that has 500 million members.
Big Data, Carbon Footprints
It is increasingly recognized that climate change has the potential to threaten people and nature, and that it is imperative to tackle the drivers of climate change, namely greenhouse gases.
MasterCard Applies Big Data to Help Retailers Achieve Better Results
For MasterCard, big data is big business and with all their data at hand they are helping merchants gain better insights and more revenue.
Even Small Companies Can Tap Big Data if they Know Where to Look
Small and medium-size businesses are often intimidated by the cost and complexity of handling large amounts of digital information. A recent study of 541 such firms in the UK showed that none were beginning to take advantage of big data.
12 Big Data Predictions for 2014
It's been one of the big buzzwords of 2013, but what does 2014 have in store for big data? looks at 12 ways the technology and the market will evolve in the coming year.
10 Startups to Watch in 2014
Some may thrive for years while others may get acquired, and still others may go nowhere. But all will be worth watching.
Gorgeous, Colorful Look at the Cellphone Signals we Never See
Invisible signals are all around us, and now we can finally see what we've been missing. Data visualization artist Nickolay Lamm created psychedelic images of the cellphone signals that live in...
The Real Secret to Unlocking Big Data? Math
With the advent of more and more (big) data, we have not fully used the power of math as a universal language. But it could lead us to amazing insights.
Big-Data Visualization is Worth a Thousand Spreadsheets
Data-visualization companies are creating buzz with visual representations that let you "see" your data and manipulate it—instead of reading columns of numbers.
$16.1 Billion Big Data Market: 2014 Predictions
Both IDC and The International Institute of Analytics (IIA) discussed their big data and analytics predictions for 2014 in separate webcasts earlier this week. Here is my summary of their predictions plus a few nuggets from other sources.
Talend Raises $40M to More Aggressively Extend into Big Data Market
Talend, an open-source data integration company based in Los Altos with offices in Paris, has raised $40 million in a Series funding from Bpifrance and..
A Spin-Free Explanation of Data Warehouse versus Big Data
DataSift Releases VEDO
DataSift, a platform for compiling data from Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, today released a new processing engine called VEDO to crunch this information at an unprecedented ...
DataSift Launches Vedo to Help Enterprises Channel the Big Social Data Firehose
DataSift has built a reputation as a provider of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr firehoses -- streams of unstructured data from those and dozens of other social..
On the Growth of R and Python for Data Science
A recent article by Matt Asay claims that "Python is displacing R as the language for data science".
Facebook is Hiring in AI, Data Science
Big news today!

Facebook has created a new research laboratory with the ambitious,
long-term goal of bringing about major advances in Artificial...
4 Game-Changing Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014
Predictions for the coming year are always fun to come up with, and even if we don\'t get the timing exactly right, they certainly represent the larger directional shifts taking place in the industry.
NYC Startup Uses Big Data to Disrupt Small Business Lending
OnDeck Capital raised $17 million from Google Ventures and Peter Thiel to disrupt small business lending
Is there Hope for Small Firms, the Have-Nots in the World of Big Data?
Yes, but only if consumers speak out.
Visualization of the Biggest Data You'll Ever See
Is your home on here? I hope not.
Data Size Matters [Infographic]
KB, MB, GB…these are all measurements we understand. But how much does a terabyte hold? How many DVDs would it take to reach a zettabyte? And what on earth is a yottabyte?
Why Businesses Fail: A Data Expert Explains it All
Data scientist Thomas Thurston uses algorithms to understand the common traits between businesses that fail and succeed. Turns out, experience is only a...
3 Key Skills of Successful Data Scientists
Big data pros need a variety of skills, but these three attributes matter most, says FICO's chief analytics officer.
Twitter and Tumblr Backer Leads $42 million Funding Round for DataSift
British technology business DataSift has now raised over million of venture capital funding following a new million round.
Firehose Provider DataSift Raises $42M Led by Insight Venture Partners for Global and Non-Social ...
DataSift, a social data platform that provides brands and enterprises with access to content from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and dozens of other..
DataSift Raises $42 Million to Fuel Continued Growth & Platform Innovation
What is Bitcoin? - CNNMoney
What the heck is Bitcoin?
Call Centers Suffer from Big Data Overload
Nearly half of all contact centers consistently collect and report on metrics that they never use to improve the customer experience, according to a new survey.