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"The World Language OER team is seeking OERs that provide opportunities
for teachers and learners to address each of the Maine Learning Results through:
  1) vocabulary and grammar practice in writing, reading, speaking and listening activities,
  2) authentic language experiences including collaboration between teachers, learners, and native speakers
  3) exposure to native speakers and culture
  4) technology sites that would assist in world language teaching

... This site was developed as part of a federally funded grant to identify open educational resources for World Language teachers in Maine. The phases of the grant are from April 2010-June 2011." - from the source


NOTE: While this resources is targeted to the Education community, keep in mind that most corporations and even government agencies are engaged globally. Therefore, there are resources linked here that not only assist people with language skills: speaking, reading, and writing, but also emphasize exposure and understanding the culture of the native or source communities.

Via Heiko Idensen