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a lttle of this and little that focused on learning and training with technology
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Digital Preservation in a Box | A product of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance

"Welcome to Digital Preservation in a Box. DPB is a product of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s Outreach Working Group and is designed as a toolkit to support outreach activities that introduce the basic concepts of preserving digital information. The DPB provides the best available resources and tools to help you communicate digital preservation and stewardship concepts and issues.


The materials are geared towards a general audience who routinely create or manage digital information, but who may need a working knowledge of this area for digital preservation on the job or for training others on how to preserve digital resources.


The materials can be appropriately used to communicate to professional audiences or to students of all ages." -- from the Source "National Digital Stewardship Alliance"


NOTE: My for Digital Curation: A Comprehensive Resource Guide from R. Good's has generated a lot of interest. This is one of the referenced sites in the Guide from the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. I like this resource because as they say it is "geared towards a general audience." But it is applicable for professional audiences as well as "students of all age."


Well worth Reading!

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Digital Curation: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

Digital Curation: A Comprehensive Resource Guide | Education Tech & Tools |

Robin Good: Excellent guide to digital curation resources by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.. It includes alphabetically organized lists of digital-curation related resources from academic programs to file formats, guidelines, organizations, blogs, and a very rich list of digital curation software tools.  


From the site: "This resource guide presents selected English-language websites and documents that are useful in understanding and conducting digital curation. It is also available as an EPUB file (see How to Read EPUB Files)."


Excellent. 9/10


Full guide:


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