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"This website is dedicated to providing anyone interested in getting started with data driven journalism with a collection of learning resources, including relevant events, tools, tutorials, interviews and case studies. The data journalism community and mailing list are dedicated to strengthening the community of journalists, designers, data providers and others, and encouraging collaboration and exchange of expertise.


 About our data driven journalism initiative

  The initiative is aimed at enabling more journalists to use data-sets as a source for reporting by providing them with the necessary skills, techniques and tools according to their level of expertise. In order to do so the EJC and its partners will:

  > Provide a series of hands on workshops across Europe and online training sessions with leading data journalists and open data experts to demonstrate how to find, analyse, and create new stories using data-sets.
  > Expand and strengthen an international network of data journalists, designers, developers, and others to encourage collaboration and to exchange knowledge of expertise and best practices with each other.
  > Create a collection of online resources - including interviews, case studies, and tutorials about how data can be used in the newsroom.


  If you are interested in partnering with us so as to help achieve these goals or if you have any other inquiries please contact the website editor Liliana Bounegru (


  This initiative receives partial funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science." -- from the Source


NOTE: This site is one of the first I have seen that is devoted to the interpretation and re-use of raw data in articles and reports. As we have more and more information produced as statistics, analytics, and raw data, it will become more important to be able to interpret and communicate the content in a meaningfull way for the audience(s).