Interview with Francois Ferracci – the director of Lost Memories : One Small Window | Education Tech & Tools |

"Lost Memories" c/o vimeo:


"With a running time of less than three minutes the film Lost Memories makes a powerful comment on digital versus analog living as well as the nature of memories—especially when they are all tweeted, blogged or committed to a digital archive somewhere." - from the source


NOTE: This should be mandatory reading and viewing for Digital Literacy and for any Digital Media event or course. How fragile is our digital trail of files, images, musice, etc., etc.?


Often I wonder what might happen the the terabyte or so of digital images I have as well as the 10+ years of family genealogy (6 Gb) now on 2 hard disks (one as backup). Then I shrug my shoulders thinking it's too much. I do not have a good answer, but I note a revival among some photographers of analog film fotos. I note that genealogy books recommend acid free paper copies and prints of your historical and anecdotal information.


What are your thoughts?