SMALLab: Blending disciplines, firing up students | Education Tech & Tools |

"Officially founded in 2010, SMALLab Learning’s title project (which stands for Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Laboratory) had been in the works for several years prior. Dr. David Birchfield led a collaborative team of nine co-inventors and twelve contributors at Arizona State University. The group included designers, educators, and researchers from disciplines as diverse as performing arts and computer science, among many others.

The goal, says Birchfield, was this: what was a “holistic way to blend the disciplines”? How could this then be applied to a physically active experience? The technical name for this is “embodied learning,” which is the combination of kinesthetic, collaborative, and multimodal components. The theory is is that people learn through their bodies. They learn well when they work together." -- from source:

Note: This is an interesting article to an innovative learning environment. The author presents a scenario of what the classroom environment is as well as how the students use it for "embodied learning." This is a worthwhile read.