Stephen Downes: "I had a brief chat with Georges Corriveau this morning that got me to thinking about the future of work. Specifically, I was thinking to myself, if I were just starting out in the world, where would I focus my interests?


... So, if I were looking at a career in 2013, thinking about what I would want to be a world-leading expert in by, say, 2050, I'd be looking at a career in carbon.


... I could go on along this vein, but you get the idea. I don't know today what the carbon culture will look like, no more than I could have predicted where the silicon culture would lead us in the 1980s. But list like I could feel a sense of something developing in electronics, I can get the idea of something developing in 21st century bionics.


And I'd be telling the youth of today (like my father told me, in an earlier generation) to become an expert in this new technology - don't worry about the job, the work, the income, worry about developing that capacity and expertise, so that you live, breathe and speak bionics - if you in the next generation can become as familiar with the carbon atom as I became with the bit, then you'll be in a good position." from source: