Biological transistor enables computing within living cells, Stanford study says- Office of Communications & Public Affairs - Stanford University School of Medicine | Education Tech & Tools |

".. a team of Stanford University bioengineers has taken computing beyond mechanics and electronics into the living realm of biology. In a paper published March 28 in Science, the team details a biological transistor made from genetic material — DNA and RNA — in place of gears or electrons. The team calls its biological transistor the “transcriptor."


'Transcriptors are the key component behind amplifying genetic logic — akin to the transistor and electronics,' said Jerome Bonnet, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar in bioengineering and the paper’s lead author..


... To bring the age of the biological computer to a much speedier reality, Endy and his team have contributed all of BIL gates to the public domain so that others can immediately harness and improve upon the tools.


'Most of biotechnology has not yet been imagined, let alone made true. By freely sharing important basic tools everyone can work better together,' Bonnet said.


The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Townshend Lamarre Foundation." from source: