The Emotional Cycle of Digital Interactivity | Education Tech & Tools |

"... I’ve long maintained that phenomena like “social media” are behaviors, more so than channels or applications or types of media inventory, what have you. There are extrinsic factors at play like market movements, various forms of scarcity, supply and demand levers, etc. and there are intrinsic factors like human emotion that are rarely, if ever, discussed when it comes to making investments in these types of ventures. Concepts of haptic or emotional design have been around for a while, but to be clear, I’m alluding to something much more profound." from source: What would the Internet Do"


NOTE: This article explores the human interactions of "social media" instead of merely the technology and how the technology works. It is one of the first to begin exploration into the effects of varied social media on our emotions and our emotional relations to others in our research, education and working environments.

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Jack Patterson, Dennis T OConnor, Gust MEES, Gianfranco D'Aversa, Louise Robinson-Lay, Rosário Durão, janlgordon, k3hamilton, molly mullee, Jimun Gimm