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"We are still in the midst of a change that is already so familiar that it does not feel momentous—even though, in all likelihood, it is.


The availability of information at hand in an instant is now a mundane fact of life. Yet it has immense significance for academics. I can remember when obtaining information necessitated multiple visits to the library, interlibrary loans, photocopying on an epic scale, card indexes, and all of the paraphernalia of search and recall that has now been replaced by a few keystrokes.
But what is clear is that it becomes even more incumbent upon academics to be able to interpret and communicate information. Thus, a thorough grounding in what are usually interdisciplinary methods has now become an ever-more-important aspect of academe in both the social sciences and the humanities.
In other words, the traditional academic skills of hermeneutics and indeed rhetoric have become important again, just when they might have seemed to be on the wane, as quantitative and qualitative methods intermingle in an environment characterized by a profusion of data." -- from the Source


NOTE: This article with it's citation links to supporting materials is a good resource for pointing out technology can lead us to an emerging convergence of academic or synthetic processes rather than specialized or divergent technology & processes. This is a worthwhile read. As an added source I recommend Bamboo Dirt (DiGITAL RESEARCH TOOLS) wiki for a group sourced list of varied applications and resources for multidisciplinary research purposes. You can find it at: http://dirt.projectbamboo.org/