Canon 5D Mark III Clean HDMI Firmware Leaks, Plus More from Magic Lantern Regarding RAW Video. By Joe Marine (01:19) | daniel vera |

Posted by Joe Marine on April 28, 2013 • 


"It seems like it’s been all about the Canon DSLRs over the last day or so, but we assure you there are plenty of other things happening. Even though it’s not set to be released for another few days, it looks like an official firmware update for clean HDMI on the Canon 5D Mark III has leaked to the internet, version 1.21. We wanted to make sure this was the real deal and wouldn’t brick any cameras, but it definitely looks like this is an official update — but whether this will be the final release is unclear. We also have some more information about the RAW video hack that the guys are working on over at Magic Lantern."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul