3 Hidden Neuroscience Tricks Behind Instagram’s New Logo | Veille numérique | Scoop.it

Instagram, the photo sharing app, has launched a new logo. Early reactions are dividing fans, but I believe it will become well-loved in the long run, as it uses some clever neuroscience tricks to appeal to our subconscious minds.

Logos, particularly those of mega-popular apps like Instagram, become a familiar part of our lives. Changing them carries the risk of losing all that mental goodwill. Giants of the web don’t have physical presence, like shop fronts; their logos and visual look have to do all the work. They have to appeal to us, be comfortable to look at, and emotionally engage us. To get that level of global appeal, with a design that might have to last years, it’s not enough that a logo just appeals to us consciously—it must also have appeal to our subconscious minds11. 

Via Brian Yanish - MarketingHits.com