Dan released a controversial photo of Steve Jobs
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Dan released a controversial photo of Steve Jobs
A software engineer posted an old picture, black and white, where you can see the late founder of Apple making a vulgar gesture to an IBM logo at the headquarters in New York.In the picture, you can see most rebellious face Steve Jobs described in the recent biography by Walter Isaacson. The image was posted by Andy Hertzfeld and Steve Jobs showing showing his middle finger to an IBM logo. The software engineer said in your Google Account + the scene was captured in 1983 on a trip that did Steve Jobs and several Apple people to New York for an interview with the magazine Newsweek . During a stroll through the city, Cupertino’s entourage ran into the IBM logo, Apple’s rival company. It was then decided to pose Jobs dedicating the gesture to the logo . The photographer was a Frenchman named Jean Pigozzi, who accompanied at the time the workers of the company. The image to view and confirm that Steve Jobs had the rebel side as described in the recent biography about his life. This is a detail of the many that have appeared since his death.
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