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Armed Airline Pilots Want Authority Beyond CockpitWired (blog)Now a group representing the armed pilots wants to expand their authority so pilots who have the training can carry their hand guns while riding in the back of the airplane as well as in...

Assignment A

1. The basic subject of this column is about the detials of arming airline pilots.


2. Information the author gives:

    A. Flagg told the Orlando Sun Sentinel that the number is just under the FBI which has 13,800 armed officers.

    B. No armed pilot has had to use a gun to defend against a threat since the program started in 2002.

    C. Pilots undergo six days of training on how to use a gun for defending the cockpit. This compares to the many months of training for the Federal Air Marshals or typical police officers.


3. The writer's opinion on this topic is mostly negative, and the author disagrees with the pilots being armed.


4. The author does not state their opinion directly, the author places negitive comments and statistics to help the reader know he/she doesn't supports the pilots having guns in the cockpit.


6. I didn't learn much about the columnest in the article, he/she remained mostly baised and stayed on the subject for the majority of the time.


7. The article was written for the interested reader, or the concerned flyer. 


8. Yes, the author gives plently of statistics and information to make me, the reader, take his/her side of the story.


Assignment B

2. The author uses the quote, “A FFDO as a flying pilot at the controls would defend the aircraft from the cockpit only, and not exit the cockpit”, to reassure that the armed airline pilots would be safe and a good idea. The author also says, "Currently pilots must have their weapons locked when carrying them to and from the cockpit and they cannot carry their weapons outside the cockpit such as during a visit to the lavatory", to help us also understand that the passangers have nothing to worry about or to be scared boarding the plane. The imformation "No armed pilot has had to use a gun to defend against a threat since the program started in 2002. There has been one accidental discharge of a gun in the cockpit of a US Airways flight while the airplane was on approach to land. There flight landed safely." tells us that there have been flaws in the system but it all turned out safetly.