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Underdog candidate Santorum gets Romney's attentionReutersBy Samuel P.

1. The subject of the article is Rick Santorum's chance at the Republican Presidential nomination.

2.-Santorum has recently been a target of Mitt Romney's which could be a good sign for his campaign.

- Santorum needs to perform well in the upcoming primaries in order to stay in the race.

3. The writer believes that Rick Santorum still has a shot at the Republican Presidential nomination if he can gain more support and do well in the upcoming primaries.

4. Yes, "If he can't win these states coming up," Roe said, "then his campaign might very well be doomed.", and "He often talks about his hardscrabble upbringing, drawing a contrast with Romney, the son of a former Michigan governor who co-founded a private equity firm. Romney has been clumsy in discussing his personal wealth, estimated at up to $250 million.

"I love Romney," Friess told Reuters. "It is not his fault that he is the son of a successful governor and makes $20 million a year. Rick Santorum is the grandson of a coal miner. His dad was the manager of a V.A. hospital. Who's got the best shot of winning the blue-collar vote?"".

5. The columnist believes that Rick Santorum still has a chance at the nomination.

6. A conservative or someone who just wants to learn a little more about the Republican nomination race.

7. Yes, the facts that the columnist presents make me believe that Rick Santorum still has the ability to win the nomination.

8. Jacobs, Samuel P.. "Underdog candidate Santorum gets Romney's attention." Reuters. 7 February 2012.

Assignment B

         By starting with a broader subject and then breaking it down into smaller parts, the author helps the reader to get a better understanding of the subject. For example, the writer first talks about Mitt Romney taking more notice of Rick Santorum's campaign in recent days. The writer then goes onto elaborate on how Rick Santorum's campaign could become an even bigger threat to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. The writer also uses many quotes from people connected to their campaigns and some from people that are not connected to them. This helps to give the article more validity. It also helps the reader to get expert opinions on the campaigns, the nomination, and the election. Lastly, the author uses data from polls to give you a look at what average people think. The reader can use these to see what other people are thinking about the election.