Native cultures under threat from climate change may hold the key to addressing it (Commentary) | Culture Collapse Disorder |

"The message that we humans are part of nature, not above it or able to control or dominate it, is central to the challenges we face.''


"You must learn to melt the ice in the heart of man," Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, an Eskimo elder from Greenland, instructed us at the Ancient Voices -- Contemporary Contexts Forum in Abuqui, New Mexico last month. "Uncle," as he was affectionately called at the gathering, reported that as a result of climate change there are 78 new species of fish in the waters off his homeland. Since he was raised knowing all the fish in the waters, this is a frightening new development.


Uncle was one of a dozen elders sharing cultural wisdom and reflections on the climate crisis with a group of...(click title for more)