Jungian Ecopsychology: A Jungian Perspective on the Most Important Issue of Our Time—Climate Change | Culture Collapse Disorder | Scoop.it

As Bill Clinton might say, “It's the environment, stupid!” Our devotion to science, technology and the capitalist system has culminated in a unique moment in the human relationship with the environment. Our species is at or near the peak of a prosperity bubble about to burst. We have exceeded the carrying capacity of the biosphere and we are still breeding.


(1) We are overusing antibiotics and deadly bacteria are becoming immune to everything we have.


(2) We are mining our precious water resources


(3), coral reefs are dying as the oceans become warmer and more acidic


(4), and most alarming, we are experiencing this as the very beginnings of the negative consequences of climate change. It will include massive droughts and floods, freak storms, the spread of diseases


(5), famine, water wars


(6), and the elimination of 30 to 50% of the species.


(7) Experts tell us we may have but 10 years max to turn the Titanic around with regard to the most devastating aspects of climate change.


(8) The apocalyptic conditions we are inexorably moving towards are truly in the archetypal domain, requiring an archetypal analysis and suggestions for dealing with it. Enter Jungian ecopsychology, a topic... (Click title to continue)