Shamanism and Eco-Psychology~Dr. Leslie Gray | Culture Collapse Disorder |

"My purpose tonight in speaking is to suggest that the re-inclusion of the ancient world view expressed in the American Indian statement "all my relations" is precisely our greatest hope for the future, ecologically and psychologically. I'll say a little bit about the situation we are in. I would describe it as nothing less than imminent global catastrophe. Ecocide if you will.


As a species we are destroying our life support systems. The air is becoming increasingly unbreathable. The hole in the ozone grows larger. Water becomes undrinkable, the oceans are dying, the soil is eroded and turning non-arable. Toxic nuclear waste is leaking into all three elements just mentioned from unthinking, short sighted attempts to harness the fourth element, fire.

No one escapes the daily recitation of the facts of planetary destruction in the media. They are voluminous. But whether it is the loss of a hundred species to our ecosystem a day or the destruction of old growth forests equal to the area of Pennsylvania each year or even the information that due to pesticides sperm counts of American males today are 50% that of their grandfathers, we seem to respondto these facts with...(Click title for more)