John Cleese | Creativity
"Creativity is not a talent [. . .] It is a way of operating."—John Cleese
Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
Neil Gaiman: "If you perceive a library as a shelf of books...that is to miss the point fundamentally."
10 DIY Reading games for kids - The Measured Mom

Three-letter word reading games anyone can make.

Key & Peele - TeachingCenter

A little creative teaching-related comedy for sports fans. What if society treated great teachers like they treat sports stars?

To Change What We Do, Consider What We Believe

What are your assumptions in teaching? 83% of teachers in a study couldn't name a theory that supported what they do in their classrooms. Alfie Kohn asks teachers to look in the mirror.


"Monitoring ourselves and our colleagues for signs of a divergence between what we think makes sense and how we actually teach is critical to doing right by kids. Alas, such consistency too often proves to be the exception. It’s common, for example, to declare that we want kids to be “lifelong learners” – and then proceed to rely on grades, homework, lecture- and textbook-based instruction, and other practices that make children noticeably less excited about learning. So, too, for curiosity, which is widely viewed as a desirable attribute, yet rarely promoted (and sometimes actively discouraged) in classrooms."