How to Deliver a TED Talk ~ Book Review | Janice Tomich | Presentation Collaboration and Coaching | Creating Dynamic Conferences for Adult Learners |

Have you read a book that you wished that you had written yourself? My colleague Jeremy Donovan has done just that.
Jeremy is the author of “How to Deliver a TED Talk, Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations”. His book although unassuming in size is an insightful perspective from a well-respected speaker and speaker coach.
As I read Jeremy’s book I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that he has shared for anyone who not only wants to deliver a TED Talk but also for those who want to deliver any format of a compelling presentation.
The strength of “How to Deliver a TED Talk” is in the examples. As Jeremy describes technique he gives examples from some of the most inspiring TED Talks.

Via Gianfranco D'Aversa