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Crashworthiness is the science of preventing or minimizing serious injuries or death following an accident through the use of vehicle safety systems. If your vehicle failed to protect you in an accident and defects led to serious injuries or death, you may have a safety system claim against the manufacturer. At the TRACY Firm, our entire practice is dedicated to vehicle safety defect product liability cases. We understand vehicle crashworthiness and we recognize the factors that contribute to unsafe vehicle. At the TRACY Firm, we want more than the chance to protect people who have been injured or killed due to vehicle safety defects. We want to educate the public and other attorneys about proper standards of car crashworthiness and the dangers of safety defects. The more the industry tests for crashworthiness, the safer vehicles will become. If vehicle crashworthiness was a contributing factor to the injuries or other damages suffered in your car accident, we can help you take action. At the TRACY Firm, we have focused solely on vehicle safety defect product liability claims for over twenty years . We have the experience and technical resources to handle referrals and work as primary counsel for clients nationwide. Contact us today for more information.
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