Artificial neurons can learn by themselves
Phase-change neurons developed by IBM Research store data and compute like the human brain.
The 10 most common mistakes businesses make when building a hybrid cloud | Information Age
While the combination of both cloud platforms offers many business benefits, the deployment of a hybrid cloud presents some pitfalls that organisations need to be aware of
Cloud washing goes beyond the Oracle lawsuit
Companies that pretend their products are cloud products do more than confuse buyers -- they risk customers wasting their investments
Top Cloud Providers Made $11B on IaaS in 2015, but It's Only the Beginning | Data Center Knowledge
Cloud market’s current balance of power likely to shift as it grows more than 10-fold by 2020 Read More
Three Paths to Advantage with Digital Supply Chains
Some companies are achieving dramatic returns on their digital investments, thanks to much more powerful technologies—and a set of key strategies. Those agile players are building a financial advantage that will be more difficult to overcome with each passing year.
Inside the Panama Papers: How Cloud Analytics Made It All Possible
In late 2014, an anonymous person offered to send a German journalist 11.5 million encrypted documents detailing the structure of offshore business entity.

Linkurious is a partner of the International Investigative Journalist Consortium (ICIJ) since the Swiss Leaks scandal. ICIJ network of 370 ...
5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2
5 Things You Need To Know About PSD2 - Payment Services Directive - SEPA Payments info helping corporates navigate payments technology & industry trends
Fast and Flexible Risk Aggregation on Apache Spark - Cloudera Engineering Blog
In this guest post, Deenar Toraskar, founder of risk-analytics solution provider Think Reactive and a contributor to Spark, describes why new requirements for agile, self-service, and VaR reporting help make the case for building out new analytic infrastructure on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.
Quantum algorithms for topological and geometric analysis of data : Nature Communications : Natur...
By combining quantum computing and topology -- a branch of geometry -- the new machine-learning algorithm can streamline highly complex problems and put solutions within closer reach.
MapR claims world’s first converged data platform with Streams | Business Cloud News
[MapR Streams] can handle billions of messages per second and join clusters from separate data centres across the globe, the tool could be of particular interested to cloud operators, according to Michael Brown, CTO at comScore. “Our system analyses over 65 billion new events a day, and MapR Stre...
Data-Mining Firm Searches for Voters by Combing High School Yearbooks
A company working for John Kasich's super-PAC is trying to create a “social graph” of possible supporters by scanning high school yearbooks, small-town newspapers, and sports-team rosters...
As more of these calls—to donors, volunteers, and voters—are completed, Applecart’s statistical models wil...
Insights You Werent Expecting from Big Data
A major pharmaceutical manufacturer generated millions of dollars in new revenue by combining the latest research with previous research and drug studies, which introduced a new use and market for an existing drug.A global consulting services firm is using an interactive semantic model that can i...
What Are the Risks of Legacy Infrastructure?
Using legacy infrastructure does more than drive up the costs of maintenance; it also hinders innovation and increases risks related to security.
How will mass digitization impact data analytics?
Data management performance will often thrive when policies and processes have been simplified as much as possible, and companies would do well to adjust their strategies when beginning to embrace analytics technology. Data preparation should be handled on the frontend by skilled professionals, w...
5 words of advice on going to cloud, from a very busy federal agency | ZDNet
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority will be all-cloud next year at this time. The agency's technology director explains what it took to migrate.
Big data driving earlier cancer diagnosis in England - Press releases - GOV.UK
A PHE big data project has helped drive a fall in the proportion of cancer patients diagnosed as an emergency.
Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines
When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Big Data Proving to Be A Real Challenge for Data Scientists
“The focus on the volume of data hides the real challenge of data analytics today. Only by addressing the challenge of utilizing diverse types of data will we be able to unlock the enormous potential of analytics.” - Marilyn Matz, CEO of Paradigm4.
Why Business Leaders are Clueless about Data Integration
Is your data integration truly automated? Why business leaders investing in Big Data don't understand data integration
Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Data Scientists - IEEE Spectrum
MIT’s “Data Science Machine” software represents a fully automated process capable of building such predictive computer models by identifying relevant features in raw data. Such a tool could make human data scientists even more effective by allowing them to build and test such predictive models i...
Artificial intelligence program ConceptNet matches 4-year-old child in IQ test
MIT researchers develop ConceptNet AI system capable of matching intelligence of young child... The results are significant in that they show artificial intelligence can match human intelligence, albeit only up to a certain level. Previously, advances in AI have focussed on creating systems that ...
Skills that every data scientist needs in today’s insight economy | The Big Data Hub
You don’t need a Ph.D. in statistics to be a data scientist. What you do need are curiosity, intellectual agility, statistical fluency, research stamina, scientific rigor and a skeptical nature.
Skytree 15.2 Delivers Integrated Machine Learning to Unstructured Text Data - insideBIGDATA
Unstructured text data makes up nearly 80 percent of the typical enterprise’s data but presents significant challenges for data scientists, often requiring an inordinate amount of time to structure and prepare data for analysis. Skytree 15.2 simplifies the featurization of text data from sources ...
AI for cars could keep drivers safe
New research out of Stanford and Cornell points to a future where cars, and perhaps robots, can anticipate what we'll do or want next.
IBM’s upcoming blockchain release could change the internet | ExtremeTech
A new open source software offering from IBM could change the way transactions are handled online -- and that means more than just financial transactions.
Spark Reliability and Performance through Monitoring | MapR
As more organizations begin to deploy Spark in their production clusters, the need for fine-grained monitoring tools becomes paramount.
Fujitsu sidesteps data scientists with a move toward tuned machine learning
The Fujitsu Labs researchers then ran tests using 8 x 12-core servers and a 50 million record dataset. It claims that “existing techniques would take roughly one week to develop a predictive model with 96 per cent accuracy.“
With its preliminary machine learning algorithm selection run, its “tech...
Google's Data Architecture and What it Takes to Work at Scale - The New Stack
In his presentation, “What does it take to make Google work at scale?” Schwarzkopf discusses the architecture behind those 139 microseconds between submitting a search request in the Google input bar, and the pages of ads-and-search results that are returned.
Get ready for machines that can pay each other.
Imagine a world where commercial agreements are executed by digital smart contracts. Where the contract and payments are actually tied together by mathematical rules of the blockchain.
A commercial term like “Net-30” that obligates a business to pay its invoice in 30 days, could be automatically ...
Machine learning is already all around you.
Last year, a Spotify intern named Sander Dieleman applied a powerful machine learning technology called “deep learning” to their database, allowing the program to learn to analyze music. The neural network automatically — using nothing but raw audio data — came to recognize distinctive patterns i...
The Internet of Things: Five critical questions | McKinsey & Company
How do industry experts view the development of the Internet of Things, and what would they change? A McKinsey Global Institute article.
Location, Location, Location - The Secret of Airbnb’s Pricing Algorithm
The sharing economy needs machine intelligence to set prices...With knowledge about the success of its tips, our system began adjusting the weights it gives to the different characteristics about a listing—the “signals” it is getting about a particular property. We started out with some assumptio...
Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
We tested this agent on the challenging domain of classic Atari 2600 games12. We demonstrate that the deep Q-network agent, receiving only the pixels and the game score as inputs, was able to surpass the performance of all previous algorithms and achieve a level comparable to that of a profession...
How to Leverage Machine Learning via Predictive APIs
Based on Louis Dorard's talk at APIcon UK, this article looks at the various business opportunities that have arisen due to predictive APIs and how organizations can leverage them.
The Next Wave Of Enterprise Software Powered By Machine Learning
The possibilities fuelled by machine learning are endless.
Machine Learning Tools – An Overview
When it comes to training computers to act without being explicitly programmed there exist an abundance of tools from the field of Machine Learning. Academics and industry professionals use these tools for building a number of applications from Speech Recognition to Cancer Detection in MRI scans.
Cloudera Creates Ibis Project to Tie Python to Hadoop Using APIs
The latest big data project from Cloudera has the potential to make big data analytics directly available to Python application developers.
Why the only thing better than big data is bigger data
A recent study of companies concentrated not on the mathematics of how companies use sparse data, but the economic benefit that accrues to the companies that do. After controlling for other factors that could account for increased performance, the researchers behind that study found companies usi...
The Industrial Awakening: The Internet of Heavier Things
Interest in the Internet of Things has focused on the connected home, with attention to newly designed thermostats, lights, and security systems. Yet the connected home is just the first wave of a greater transition toward “smart, connected products” throughout the economy. The next wave, focusin...
Artificial Intelligence - QuickTake
It’s the stuff of sci-fi movies and dystopian, end-of-humanity nightmares — and now, of mind-numbingly dull white-collar work. After decades of premature promises, artificial intelligence is finding its way into all sorts of businesses. Its arrival has been low-key.
Array Databases: The Next Big Thing in Data Analytics?
There's no lack of database choices when it comes to building your next big data analytics platform. Relational data stores, column-oriented databases, in-memory data grids, graph databases, scale-out NewSQL systems, and Hadoop will all get time in the sun. But according to database pioneer Mike ...
Confused Sbout Spark? Six Facts You Need to Know
A scalable data processing engine, most likely... [to] replace MapReduce.

Rajiv Bhat, senior vice president of data sciences and marketplace at InMobi, told the Economic Times. “With Hadoop, it would take us six-seven months to develop a machine learning model. Now, we can do about four models a...
Spark and Hadoop: Taking big data to the next level | The Big Data Hub
Spark is one of the key enablers of Hadoop’s journey from the Trough of Disillusionment to the Plateau of Productivity. Together, Spark and Hadoop are taking big data to the next level.
“Analytics” is Overrated – Top 5 Reasons Why
By promoting the rise of the data scientist and creating mystique around sophisticated data mining and algorithmic modelling, we risk building a wall between the analytics team and the business team.
Switching user database on a running system
Introduction All Spotify users are now stored in a Cassandra database instead of Postgres. The final switch was made on May 11th, and we, the team responsible for user login at Spotify, would like to tell you a little bit…
Google scolds businesses for citing security as a reason not to use cloud
Search giant reckons on-premise data is more likely to be breached than information stored in the cloud
CogniMem Technologies Inc. • Applications: Video Surveillance

Real World example of Machine Learning in the field. The hostile environment of the Trawler at sea. Means the right fish at the right size are caught and the rest are let go.

Harvard medical professor: Big data and analytics help cure cancer | ZDNet
One of the world's top healthcare CIOs explains how data and predictive analytics can benefit patients and improve health care delivery.
Data preparation: A necessary step, an annoying hurdle?
When discussing data analytics, professionals working with the technology often refer to the process of collecting raw information and turning it into "actionable intelligence" - a phrase my colleagues and I find to be overused.
Big data, the cloud way
Big data the cloud way means being more productive when building applications, with faster and better insights, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. More specifically, it includes:

NoOps: the platform handles such tasks and optimizations for you.Cost effectiveness: You m...
Amazon launches Elastic File System, Machine Learning offerings
Amazon today made a number of key AWS announcements at its AWS Summit in San Francisco. These include the launch of two new AWS services.
The elephant's dilemma: What does the future of databases really look like? | ZDNet
[paraphrased from text] | So I think a winning strategy is to find out what upstream systems you need to integrate with and then integrate your Downstream Systems with them. Another winning strategy is investing very heavily in data integration technology to integrate silos with upstream systems ...
The IT Benefits of an All-Flash Data Center | Wikibon Premium
A 'Personality Test' for Your IoT Strategy
The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) extends to almost all industries and markets. Coupled with the power of big data, IoT can offer massive improvements in messaging personalization and product customizations through complete customer empathy and supply chain efficacy. However, starting w...
Getting Started with Apache Spark and Neo4j Using Docker Compose
Less is always more, simpler is always better.Both Apache Spark and Neo4j are two tremendously useful tools. I've seen how both of these two tools give their users a way to transform problems that start out both large and complex into problems that become simpler and easier to solve. That's what ...
What is Microsoft doing with machine learning?
Yesterday's announcement of Azure Machine Learning offers the latest sign of Microsoft's deep machine learning expertise -- now available to developers everywhere
Why big data matters to every business
Big Data is not just for the big boys, says Advance Performance Institute chair Bernard Marr. It matters to every company – no matter how small.
5 Minutes With Ingo: Analytics Opportunities & Challenges in 2015 - RapidMiner
RapidMiners, THIS is your 5 Minutes with Ingo: On this episode, Ingo welcomes in the New Year by talking through the opportunities and challenges facing big data analytics professionals around the world. He covers tools, technology, talent and…. unicorns? Here are the lyrics to this week’s theme ...
81 Percent of US Businesses Cite Cloud Computing as a Competitive Advantage Over Rivals
"Given industries are changing so quickly in such an unpredictable way, companies need to have the ability to adapt quickly to launch new products and services, develop new revenue or business models and access new geographical markets," commented Frost & Sullivan's Stadtmueller. "That adaptabili...
2014 Press Release - NSA Releases First in Series of Software Products to Open Source Community
The NSA Technology Transfer Program makes it possible for the agency's innovators to share their technologies with industry, academia, and other federal agencies. The federally mandated program brokers collaboration agreements that protect intellectual property, advance time-sensitive mission req...
Move to cloud divides opinion between CIOs and business executives
CIOs say the main reason for moving to cloud computing is the innovation and agility it brings, but others see it as a cost-cutting exercise
Unilever's Marc Mathieu: artificial intelligence is "key" to big data
Unilever is exploring artificial intelligence as a way for marketers to make sense of data and make their activity more relevant to consumers.
8 big trends in big data analytics
Big data technologies and practices are moving quickly. Here's what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.... With so many emerging trends around big data and analytics, IT organizations need to create conditions that will allow analysts and data scientists to experiment. “You need a way to...
How to launch a successful API initiative -- FCW
Many successful application programming interface initiatives start with the goal of unlocking data that is protected by traditional Web or perimeter-based access controls. Although those back-end applications were designed to address a business problem, over the years they have evolved into mono...
The Netflix Tech Blog: Introducing Dynomite - Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed
Dynomite has the potential to offer server-based sharding and replication for any datastore, as long as a proxy is created to intercept the desired API calls.This initial version of Dynomite supports Redis and Memcahed sharding and replication in clear text, backups and restore. In the next few w...
The Cutting Edge: Network Analytics to detect Fraud and Financial crime | Deloitte
Fraud and Financial crime are as much a deep social phenomenon as aspects of financial transactions gone awry. The application of social network analysis is able to provide deep insights to detect and prevent tangled and complex cases of fraud.
7 Most Data Rich Companies | SmartData Collective
Some companies really get big data. Not only do they realize size matters – they understand you also have to know what to do with it. Here’s a list of seven companies I think are at the top of the game, when it comes to cutting-edge use of data to strategically achieve business goals.
Making Big Data Think Bigger
Data-driven management has so far focused mostly on increasing efficiency and productivity, but new graphic tools aim to help executives set a strategic course.
Why Linked Data Is A Major Theme At APIcon In London
Let Algorithms Decide – and Act – for Your Company
Delegate some of your work to a robot...In the near future, simply having predictive models that suggest what might be done won’t be enough to stay ahead of the competition. Instead, smart organizations are driving analytics to an even deeper level within business processes—to make real-time oper...
Indexing Audio-Video Content, with a Bit of Research Assistance - Inside Microsoft Research - Sit...
The Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer extracts keywords from a video file as metadata that can be used for categorization of audio-video in a custom application, such as whether the content pertains to subjects such as entertainment, politics, or neural-network research.
And that's not all t...
A Predictive Analytics Primer
What you need to know and ask.
Here are a few good questions to ask your analysts:Can you tell me something about the source of data you used in your analysis?Are you sure the sample data are representative of the population?Are there any outliers in your data distribution? How did they affect th...
Hortonworks lays out a future for Hive that includes transactions, Spark and sub-second queries
Hortonworks is working on a new initiative called, which it hopes will remake Apache Hive into a much more-capable SQL engine within the next year and a half. A greatly improved Hive could put other vendors on the defensive explaining why their products are better.
Twitter Now Lets Anyone Check How Many People Saw Their Tweets
Official Twitter analytics are now available for all users.
Researchers are cracking text analysis one dataset at a time
A handful of new research projects from Google, IBM and the Allen Institute for AI highlight the ongoing quest to build computer systems capable of analyzing written language based on understanding concepts rather than just keywords.
Digital transformation goes beyond mobile to the API layer - diginomica
What's beyond mobile first? It's API first - and a new class of two-speed enterprise IT leaders that approach digital transformation from the outside in
Data artist in residence: Why your data needs an artist's touch
A growing number of companies are looking at new ways to display their data and turning to the art world for assistance.
Bezos's law signals it's time to ditch the data center
According to “Bezos’s law,” a unit of computing power price is reduced by 50 percent approximately every three years. AppZero’s Greg O’Connor looks at why the economic gap that favors cloud providers will only widen over time.
Cancer Research: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach | Innovation Insights |
In the not-so-distant past, all people with cancer were treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. But thanks to recent advances in genome sequencing technologies and super computers, it’s now possible to ferret out the genetic mutations and other molecular abnormalities that underlie certain can...
Why Cognitive Computing Is A Big Deal For Big Data 08/14/2014
When IBM’s Watson won against humans playing "Jeopardy," most of the world considered it just another man against machine novelty act, going back to Deep Blue’s defeat of chess champion Garry Kasporov in 1997. But it’s much more than that.
As Josh Dreller reminded us a few Search Insider Summits ...
The 6 Simple Step Checklist for Analyzing Your Competition | Jeff Bullas
Still looking for reasons to use competitive analysis in your internet marketing campaigns? Read through the following reasons and find out yourself.Identify opportunities to serve newly acquired and prospective customers.Determine size of the market – identify service gaps and areas for self imp...
Splunk Finds Issues Americans Care About Most Through New Open Data Project
Splunk's eRegulations Insights algorithms also are able to tease out which organizations or campaigns are influencing individuals to submit public comments. By tracking where the users were online when they clicked a link to leave a comment on, it's possible to guess the nature of...
8 Reasons Big Data Projects Fail - InformationWeek
Most companies remain on the big data sidelines too long, then fail. An iterative, start-small approach can help you avoid common pitfalls.
The World Of Everything-As-A-Service | TechCrunch
It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs working in offline spaces: Real-world startup costs will become dramatically lower, allowing new business models to be developed and tested with much greater velocity. As in the online world, access to capital, infrastructure and specialist skills have beco...
If You Think Big Data’s Big Now, Just Wait | TechCrunch
“The promise of big data has ushered in an era of data intelligence. From machine data to human thought streams, we are now collecting more data each day, so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. In fact, every day, we create 2.5 quintillion by...
Gartner Says Beware of the Data Lake Fallacy
The growing hype surrounding data lakes is causing substantial confusion in the information management space, according to Gartner, Inc. Several vendors are marketing data lakes as an essential component to capitalize on Big Data opportunities, but there is little alignment between vendors about ...
Google shows off Mesa, a super-fast data warehouse that runs across data centers
Google has published a paper about its latest big data system, a globally distributed data warehouse called Mesa that can ingest millions of rows in minutes and even survive a data center failure.
How do you find the needle in the haystack? Answer: Get rid of all the hay.
David Patterson said a standard DNA sequencer can take up to 24 hours to run. “It’s surprising for me to see programs where the unit of time is hours,” he said.

Patterson spoke about a recent case where a boy in Wisconsin was suffering from a mysterious illness that had him trapped in a coma for...
How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models
Value creation is no longer one-and-done.
It's Time To Welcome The Chief Analytics Officer To The C-suite
A CAO must possess analytical, leadership, and creative skills. Is your organization ready to embark on the Big Data journey?
New York Times Chief Data Scientist Chris Wiggins On The Way We Create And Consume Content Now
"What were aiming to do is try to inform product decisions and marketing decisions, as well as potentially newsroom decisions.
Pinterest has big data, and it knows how to share
Pinterest is no National Security Agency, but the company, which identifies itself as a “visual discovery tool,” has grown into a collector of plenty information. Like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other web giants, Pinterest has developed sophisticated systems for storing the data, but it’s als...
Talking the Cloud Business With Amazon CTO Werner Vogels
Amazon's cloud business may be the second-fastest-growing software company after Google.
Graph Technology Provides Valuable Insights From Interconnected Data
Last year Glassdoor, an online job search engine and career community, incorporated a graph database providing members with real-time job recommendations. In March, it was reported that Cray CEO Pete Ungaro said that a Major League Baseball team had bought a Cray supercomputer, which has the capa...
How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis
The city is flanked on three sides by smog-trapping mountain ranges.There are numerous sources of foul air, and a multitude of subtle ways the chemicals interact with each other, which make it hard to identify what problems need fixing.
How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Will Change The Postal Service
The possibility of equipping the postal network (vehicles, mailboxes, mail pieces and parcels, sorting centers, etc.) with low-cost sensors will exponentially expand the capability of postal operators to collect valuable data. This new rich data sources could help the Postal Service improve opera...
Cloudera: Impala's it for interactive SQL on Hadoop; everything else will move to Spark
There was a lot of news about Spark’s ascension in the big data ranks this week, as well as some speculation. According to Cloudera’s Mike Olson, his company is widely embracing Spark — including to run Hive — but not in place of Impala.
Lionel Messi Is Impossible - Statsblast Journalism at its best
How should Argentina fans feel about all this, given the disappointment they’ve experienced in World Cups past and the hopes they’ve pinned on Messi this year? So far in the 2014 tournament, Messi has been erasing whatever gap there was between his Barcelona stats and his Argentina stats, with st...
Google Just Made Big Data Expertise Much Tougher to Fake
Now that Google has rendered Hadoop passé by putting forth its Cloud Dataflow service, data analysis “experts” will have to work harder
Beyond Big - The Analytically Powered Organization
Roundtable DiscussionKey pointsGetting the right people together with the right technology poses a major challenge.Collaboration among those with different skillsets is crucial—alignment around clear goals can incent this collaboration.Executive sponsorship is essential.Because they were born fro...