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DL Skateboards - unique young company - Inspired! (video)

It's well known that hiding behind the facades of many buildings in Brooklyn, NY are an endless array of companies producing artisanal pickles and locally designed clothes but rarely can you wander down a street to find a product being made out on the concrete. DL Skateboards is a unique young company that makes custom, handmade skate decks on the sidewalk outside a Greenpoint apartment building and in a retrofitted box truck acquired in New Hampshire. The couple behind the brand, Lauren Andino and Derek Mabra, have been skateboarding most of their lives and their passion and love for the sport drive their small business forward, producing fantastic cruisers modeled after 60's classics. In our latest video we found the couple out on the street shaping decks for one of their final runs before moving to California.

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Video Shows Miami Skateboarder Betancourt Injured By Skateboarding Fall, Not Beating

Video Shows Miami Skateboarder Betancourt Injured By Skateboarding Fall, Not Beating | Cooking Happy |

MIAMI (CBS4) – It was a story that stunned South Florida for its brutality. Rene Betancourt, found in his car beaten so badly doctors were not sure he would live, taken to the hospital by his family who begged for help in finding his attackers.


Now, in an amazing turn of events, CBS4 has learned Betancourt was not attacked and he was not beat up. He ran into a wall while skateboarding.


The news came just two weeks after the attack, and shortly after heroic work by doctors at Ryder Trauma Center and Jackson Memorial Hospital repaired his injuries with stitches so well he was allowed to leave the hospital.


However, new surveillance tape made available by Miami police detectives showed that Betancourt was not attacked. The tape shows him skateboarding, at one point losing his footing. He got up, mounted the skateboard, and tried again.


That’s when the tape showed him smash into a low wall, faceplanting. He laid there for about 5 minutes before regaining consciousness.


Police said they communicated what they found to family members, who now say Betancourt was likely confused by the fall and may have thought he was attacked...

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