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Z-Score inoto Percentile

Z-Score inoto Percentile | CONVERSIONarium |


Enter a z-critical value and get the area under the normal curve (a percentage). Selecting two-sided provides the area above Z and below -Z.



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Yeast converter ⇴ equivalent yeast amounts calculator

Yeast converter ⇴ equivalent yeast amounts calculator | CONVERSIONarium |


Calculate yeast equivalent amounts and yeasts replacement conversion. Replace fresh yeast with alternative, active dry yeast or instant yeast and other way around.


Equivalent measures for instant yeast - active dry yeast - fresh yeast - brewer's yeast.


How to easily replace active dry yeast with instant yeast and fresh compressed yeast type or brewers.


Exchange formula for each yeast | instant yeast | fresh yeast | active yeast | brewers yeast how much to use when choosing different yeast amount in volume or weight, cups, milliliters - ml, percentages - %, spoons (tsp - tbsp) of either yeast and convert it into the other yeast kind.


Javascript source code simple html yeast units calculator - converter program...





Yummy Bonus

Converting Yeast-Based Recipes To Use A Sourdough Starter 



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Turn Google Sheets into an Automatic Bookmark/Citation Tool

Turn Google Sheets into an Automatic Bookmark/Citation Tool | CONVERSIONarium |


When you’re doing research online, you don’t have to manually collect and save information.


Try Citable, a helpful Chrome extension that simplifies how you gather research...


Citable automatically collects everything you highlight and saves it into a Google Sheets spreadsheet, along with any additional reference info (like author, URL, and article title) you’d need for a web citation.


Not only is it helpful for saving bookmarks, but you can also export the information to create a bibliography.


Watch how-to




How to Create Internal Links in Google Docs 



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Transformational NLP 

Transformational NLP  | CONVERSIONarium |


I believe we are divine, spiritual beings, in a physical body. The pain we experience in our lives is because we have forgotten who we truly are – that we are the light, we are love, we are an expression of divinity. To heal our pain we have to connect again with this eternal truth."


Neuro-Linguistic Programming--or NLP--is a popular and effective approach to therapy and self-realization. 



Now a leading practitioner reveals the spiritual dimension that makes NLP an even more powerful tool for freeing ourselves from egoism and unlocking our full potential. With practical exercises based on the author's many years of coaching,


Transformational NLP can help you access their wise inner self, attain freedom from self-limiting negative beliefs, and experience extraordinary new levels of awareness


Transformational NLP is an exquisite tool for this, but it is important to remember it is just a tool. It is a bit like money – it is neither good nor bad, just a type of energy. It is how you use that energy that determines whether it results in something positive or negative.



Using NLP you can change your inner screening systems and maps. This can help you to let go of inner blocks and negative thought patterns, which may have stopped you from healing your body, mind, relationships and life."


So give yourself the most amazing gift ever, and first find the structure of the illusion of the problem, and then connect with your higher divine wisdom, and you will notice how this starts to shine a light into the ’problem’ transforming it from darkness to light, from a feeling of being blocked, to amazing freedom, from fear to love...



➤➤➤The Seven Practices of ➤➤ Transformational NLP➤➤



➶➶Bonus Bonus➶➶➶

Transformational NLP: A Spiritual Approach to Harnessing the Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

▷ Now on Amazon for  $2.31 :)





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The Secrets of Alchemy ✺❂✦

The Secrets of Alchemy ✺❂✦ | CONVERSIONarium |


Tucked away in a vault in a Dutch museum is the earliest known document about the science of chemistry – an ancient scroll called the Leyden Papyrus. Written in Egypt about 1,700 years ago and found among the wrappings of a mummy in the early 19th century, it includes dozens of metallurgical recipes.


One of the most famous, says historian Lawrence Principe of Johns Hopkins University, is for the “water of sulfur,” a liquid that could make silver mimic the appearance of gold. So right from its earliest days, the science of chemistry was tied up with the human fascination with gold...


What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Its practitioners mainly sought to turn lead into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. However, the goals of alchemy went far beyond simply creating some golden nuggets. 


Alchemists have often been dismissed as pseudoscientific charlatans but in many ways they paved the way for modern chemistry and medicine...


The alchemists of the 16th and 17th centuries developed new experimental techniques, medicines and other chemical concoctions, such as pigments. And many of them "were amazingly good experimentalists,” says Lawrence Principe, a chemist and science historian at Johns Hopkins University.


“Any modern professor of chemistry today would be more than happy to hire some of these guys as lab techs.” The alchemists counted among their number Irish-born scientist Robert Boyle, credited as one of the founders of modern chemistry; pioneering Swiss-born physician Paracelsus; and English physicist Isaac Newton....



A trick up sleeve ✦✦




The Revival of Alchemy      +


Bonus ❂❂ America's Amazing Alchemist

Did Dr. Stephen H. Emmens find the key to the dreams of the medieval alchemists, or was he a clever impostor?


The question remains unanswered. But there is no doubt that he did produce gold from some source which he sold to the United States Mint. Moreover, another scientist, by following his instructions, attained partial success. Dr. Emmens, however, like the fabulous sorcerers of legend, carried to the grave his fundamental secrets.



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Text to HTML ◁

Text to HTML ◁ | CONVERSIONarium |


Convert plain TEXT to HTML paragraphs with this free online text to html tool. Good for plain text emails and similar text sources.


Convert plain text from an email, a .txt file or any similar text source into html code that can be published on a web page.

If you've ever been asked to convert a plain text email to html then you're in the right place.


Please note, this is strictly a convert text to html tool for plain text.


This conversion tool takes blocks of regular text and wraps HTML paragraph tags around them so you can publish the text online. It works with plain text by converting text line breaks into HTML paragraph code.



Revised: this tool will now encode HTML characters with accents and similar if you want it to.



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Computable Document Format (CDF) examples from practice

Computable Document Format (CDF) examples from practice | CONVERSIONarium |

Transform Infographics in Info-apps with constantly updated data and interactive charts - including calculations in real time.

Rapidly develop computationally intensive applications with easy-to-use controls, and deploy as standalone apps or web plugins.

Why the Computable Document Format (CDF)?

The CDF provides content creators to easily generating interactivity and convenient deployment options - so readers are able to control content yourself and generate results live.

Particular advantages of the CDF:

>> Wider communication pipeline: Create content that is as commonplace as a document and as interactive as an app.

>> Built calculation: Let you control your readers their findings themselves - in real-time.

>> Easy to generating interactivity: Use for a variety of applications and automated functions input in natural language rather than specialized English programming skills.

>> Deployment Flexibility: Once created, diverse used - as a slide show, report, book, application and web object.

>> Integrated knowledge: Or use specialized algorithms, data visualization and for hundreds of areas.

Publish your search with easily creatable, interactive charts that allow readers to verify their arguments by real-time calculations...

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Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst

Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst | CONVERSIONarium |

Researchers at Princeton University have reported new insights into the structure of an active component of the nickel oxide catalyst, a promising catalyst for water splitting to produce hydrogen fuel.

Now researchers at Princeton University have reported new insights into the structure of an active component of the nickel oxide catalyst, known as β-NiOOH, using theoretical calculations. Led by Annabella Selloni, professor of chemistry at Princeton, the findings were published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letterson October 28.

"Understanding the structure is the basis for any further study of the material's properties. If you don't know the material's structure you can't know what it's doing," Selloni said. Nickel oxide's exact structure has been difficult to determine experimentally because it is constantly changing during the reaction.




Armed with a better understanding of the material's structure, the scientists hope to further map out its activity in the reaction. "I'm interested in the microscopic mechanisms, what are the electrons and atoms doing?" Selloni said.

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Salt Conversion ⌚⌛ >> The Ultimate Toolkit ✔

Salt Conversion ⌚⌛ >> The Ultimate Toolkit ✔ | CONVERSIONarium |

Here you are all what you need for salt conversion. 

The post URL and the supportive links provide you with a super combined toolbox of calculators and charts to manipulate the salt you consume everyday. 

Eat well and be Safe and Happy, 

Highly Supportive:

♒ Bonuses:

 List of potentially edible salts (CAUTION ☠: Check with your GP/Physician/Medical doctor before you consume any type of unusual salt)

⌛ What is salt?

Medical advice on salt consumption:

Post ImagE:

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How to Transform Your Tears Into Laughter

How to Transform Your Tears Into Laughter | CONVERSIONarium |

Every experience in life has a purpose, a reason and season to it. There is a time for sadness, and a time for joy. 

When you truly can let your tears flow, and allow the deepest sadness within you to rise to the surface, it becomes a powerful source of healing that brings profound realizations to your life. 

By allowing your deepest possible sadness to be felt and experienced, that energy opens a humility inside you and a vulnerability that touches the core of your being. 

It pulls you down to bottom of your emotional ocean where you find the easiest sweetest surrender to the very source of who you are.

  "At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities." ~ Jean Houston 

"Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy." ~ Catherine Fenwick 

"A sense of humor is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life." ~Hugh Sidey 

Supportively Supportive:

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The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure | CONVERSIONarium |

Thinking of oneself as self-employed - and the boss of one's life and work - is the key to personal and professional development, says Cliff Hakim. He shows how to use his pioneering Worklife Creed as a basis for a new, satisfying philosophy of work and life.

Providing a clear roadmap for finding purpose and passion in work, this revised edition includes a refined Worklife Creed, greater emphasis on taking full responsibility for one's worklife and understanding and expressing one's own uniqueness, and a Who's the Boss?section that acts as a practical and potent take-anywhere toolbox.

Rethinking the concept of failure, this book promotes setbacks as a positive step on the path to success.

 Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes. —French Proverb


Post ImagE:

Mhd.Shadi Khudr's comment, August 19, 2014 12:41 PM
Summer full of Happiness for you amiga Estelblau (:
Estelblau's comment, August 27, 2014 5:16 PM
Thank you Mhd. and a shiny falling star for you ;)!
Mhd.Shadi Khudr's comment, August 28, 2014 9:14 AM
De nada :) A rising sun for you with love
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Manipulative meows =^..^= Learn how your feline friends learn to manipulate you... to meow back and train them

Manipulative meows  =^..^= Learn how your feline friends learn to manipulate you... to meow back and train them | CONVERSIONarium |

Although perhaps not as jolting as an alarm clock, a cat’s “soliciting purr” can still pry its owner from sleep. And, when sufficiently annoying, the sound may actually coerce them from bed to fill a food bowl...

Domestic cats make subtle use of one of their most characteristic vocalisations - purring - to solicit food from their human hosts, apparently exploiting inherent sensory biases that humans have for providing care.

( =’o’= ) The cry embedded within the purr  =^..^=

by McComb et al. 2009.

Despite widespread interest in inter-specific communication, few studies have examined the abilities of companion animals to communicate with humans in what has become their natural environment — the human home.

Here we report how domestic cats make subtle use of one of their most characteristic vocalisations — purring — to solicit food from their human hosts, apparently exploiting sensory biases that humans have for providing care.

When humans were played purrs recorded while cats were actively seeking food at equal amplitude to purrs recorded in non-solicitation contexts, even individuals with no experience of owning cats judged the ‘solicitation’ purrs to be more urgent and less pleasant.

Embedded within the naturally low-pitched purr, we found a high frequency voiced component, reminiscent of a cry or meow, that was crucial in determining urgency and pleasantness ratings.

Moreover, when we re-synthesised solicitation purrs to remove only the voiced component, paired presentations revealed that these purrs were perceived as being significantly less urgent.

We discuss how the structure of solicitation purrs may be exploiting an inherent mammalian sensitivity to acoustic cues relevant in the context of nurturing offspring.

:-J Supportive on cat sounds and communication:

Furthermore <('o'<)~

The Meaning of Meow

The second most common vocalization is the meow. Rarely heard between cats, this vocalization seems tailor-made for communication between cats and humans. Early on, cats notice that meowing brings attention, contact, food and play from their human companions.

I’m ticked off ◭,◭ – “Angry, agitated cats will often erupt into a screaming match if they feel threatened enough to attack,” ...this mad meow sound as more of a yowl.

I don’t want to be alone ◭,◭ –  when some cats are left alone for lengthy periods of time, they may become anxious and, among other things, meow excessively.

I’m getting older 
◭,◭ – “Increased vocalization is fairly common in senior cats,"... demonstrated in a variety of ways, including loud meowing.

☋ The sound cats make when highly aroused by the sight of prey is called chirping.

☋ When a cat is frustrated (such as when an indoor cat finds he is unable to get to the birds at the feeder), you may hear him chatter.

☋ When a neonate kitten is cold, isolated from his mother or trapped, he issues a distress call—also sometimes called an anger wail. As the kitten matures, the distress call is used when play is too rough or the cat finds something else to protest.

(◣◢) A Hiss Is Just a Hiss?

All threat vocalizations are produced with the mouth held open. These sounds mirror the cat's intense emotional state. A hiss is uttered when a cat is surprised by an enemy.

'☋' A high-pitched shriek or scream is expressed when the cat is in pain or fearful and aggressive.

☋ Snarling is often heard when two toms are in the midst of a fight over territory or female attention. And a long, low-pitched growl warns of danger.

^^. Fancy a chat with the cat:

Also, see:

≧✯◡✯≦✌ Triple Bonus >>>

Post ImagE:

Mhd.Shadi Khudr's insight:

( =’o’= ) Now Energised by Japanese techno ( =’o’= )

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✍(◔◡◔)Time to Convert ϟLight Years to other length measurement units

✍(◔◡◔)Time to Convert ϟLight Years to other length measurement units | CONVERSIONarium |


Select light year to other length measurement units conversion table.



Relation and formulas between this and other length units.


Tell me more:::::::

Light Years to Light Days 


Light Years to Light Hours 


Convert Light Years to Parsecs 



How many astronomical units are in a light year? 


The astronomical unit (symbol: AU) is a unit of length, roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun...


Here you go 





Extra Supportive


And thus spoke WolframAlpha 


Light Years to Meters 

Light Years to Miles 

 ➫ Inch to Light Year


and to fermi 




 In case you are wondering: What is Exameter (EM)¿





A question now: How long is a light-year? 


 But How far is a light-year? 


One Light Year Equals How Many Miles in Scientific Notation? 



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Rumpelstiltskin Spinning Gold in action, The Transformation of Straws

Rumpelstiltskin Spinning Gold in action, The Transformation of Straws | CONVERSIONarium |


You might think that Monday’s discourse on thermodynamics in the Goldilocks story was the only children’s story in which physics plays a role, but that’s not true.


Physics is everywhere in fairy tales.


The use of the term “spin” might suggest the use of rotational motion– if the straw were ground up very fine, and mixed with water, it might be possible to use a centrifuge to sift out the trace amounts of gold that might be present in the straw. This would perhaps explain the need for whole rooms full of straw– the heavy metal content of most plants is minuscule, and so vast quantities of raw material would be required to produce a tiny amount of gold.


The sheer amount of wastage in this process, though, suggests that some alternate method must be employed. The next obvious choice would be to turn to nuclear reactions.


One might suspect that the mysterious Rumple was using some highly advanced nuclear reactions to convert the nuclei of the atoms in the straw into atoms of gold, perhaps through nuclear fusion.


Straw is mostly carbon, and you might imagine a process whereby thirteen or so carbon nuclei were stuck together to produce a single atom of gold.


This would still amount to a substantial reduction in the overall volume of material produced, requiring large rooms full of large material, but the gold yield would, in principle, be substantially higher....



While on the subject



An eye opener 



Bonus 1  


Bonus 2

Spinning Gold from Straw: On Cause, Law and Probability


Bonus 3  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)��



Post Image


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Measurement Conversions....AHE↜

Measurement Conversions....AHE↜ | CONVERSIONarium |







Modern and Greek Unit Conversions to love



½ Check these out 




Post Image


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In search for Philosopher’s Stone to convert junk into Gold ▟ ▛

In search for Philosopher’s Stone to convert junk into Gold ▟ ▛ | CONVERSIONarium |


Particle accelerators make possible the ancient alchemist’s dream—but at a steep cost


For hundreds of years alchemists toiled in their laboratories to produce a mythical substance known as the philosopher’s stone. The supposedly dense, waxy, red material was said to enable the process that has become synonymous with alchemy—chrysopoeia, the metamorphosis, or transmutation, of base metals such as lead into gold.



But despite the alchemists’ intellectual firepower and experimental acumen, the philosopher’s stone lay forever out of reach. The problem, Principe says, is that the alchemists did not yet know that lead and gold were different atomic elements...


Using the LBNL’s Bevalac particle accelerator, Morrissey and his colleagues boosted beams of carbon and neon nuclei nearly to light speed and then slammed them into foils of bismuth.


When a high-speed nucleus in the beam collided with a bismuth atom, it sheared off part of the bismuth nucleus, leaving a slightly diminished atom behind. By sifting through the particulate wreckage, the team found a number of transmuted atoms in which four protons had been removed from a bismuth atom to produce gold.


Along with the four protons, the collision-induced reactions had removed anywhere from six to 15 neutrons, producing a range of gold isotopes from gold 190 (79 protons and 111 neutrons) to gold 199 (79 protons, 120 neutrons), the researchers reported in the March 1981 issue of Physical Review C....


In addition to the several radioactive isotopes of gold, the particle collisions presumably produced some amount of the stable isotope gold 197—the stuff of wedding bands and gold bullion—but because it does not decay the researchers were unable to confirm its presence...



Isolating the minute quantities of gold would be even more difficult using lead as a starting material, but smashing high-speed nuclei into a lead target would indeed complete the long-sought transmutation...


Some of the collisions would be expected to remove three protons from lead, or one proton from mercury, to produce gold.


“It is relatively straightforward to convert lead, bismuth or mercury into gold,” Morrissey says. “The problem is the rate of production is very, very small and the energy, money, etcetera expended will always far exceed the output of gold atoms.”...






Transmutation of lead into gold isn't just theoretically possible - it has been achieved.. There are reports that Glenn Seaborg, 1951 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, succeeded in transmuting a minute quantity of lead (possibly en route from bismuth, in 1980) into gold.


There is an earlier report (1972) in which Soviet physicists at a nuclear research facility near Lake Baikal in Siberia accidentally discovered a reaction for turning lead into gold when they found the lead shielding of an experimental reactor had changed to gold 



Just Contemplating ▟ ▛



What is transmutation?

Nuclear transmutation is the process of converting lead into gold. Actually it is relatively easier to turn gold into lead and far more difficult the other way around. The expense far exceeds the gain and hence not economically viable. The process is done in a nuclear reactor.


In depth 



> Supportive



French 'alchemists' to cash in on turning water into gold 


➻ Nice read   The transmutation of silver into gold

The late 19th-century claims of Stephen H. Emmens

Throughout the ages, man has been intrigued by the idea of transmuting base metals into the ‘king of metals’.


Stephen H. Emmens, a late 19th-century scientist and entrepreneur, living and working in America, claimed to have transmuted silver into gold by his socalled Argentaurum process.


His work in this area and his exchange of correspondence with the eminent scientist Sir William Crookes make fascinating additions to the recent history of transmutation. +



Ok! But Turning Iron Into Platinum: Easier—And More Useful—Than Turning Lead Into Gold➶➶➶





Tell me about alchemy!



Post Image


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Time to Convert and Transform via Wolfram Alpha 

Time to Convert and Transform via Wolfram Alpha  | CONVERSIONarium |


Calculators for Units & Measures. Compute conversions for basic to obscure units as well as industrial and construction measures.


The power of fram


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Flib - a FREE converter with memory_Android

Flib - a FREE converter with memory_Android | CONVERSIONarium |

The next generation converter app you must have in your phone.

Flib will learn your preferences and auto arrange your frequent choices at the top of the list. It is probably the most beautiful, intelligent and simple converter app you have ever used.

It is the first converter app that embraces a flat design style throughout, while at the same time providing a frictionless user experience.

It is also the first product from Ten Days One App project.

Why you should try Flib?

1. A new experience for selection
At most 12 choices at first glance without scrolling, save your time on searching

2. Remember your choice on categories and units
The category list and units conveniently rearrange to put your most popular choices at the top.

3. 12 Colors to choose
Say goodbye to the metallic style, you can choose your interface color, let Flib follow your style.

Flib provides the following converters:
• Angle Converter
• Area Converter
• Base Converter
• Data Converter
• Energy Converter
• Length Converter
• Mass Converter
• Power Converter
• Pressure Converter
• Speed Converter
• Temperature Converter
• Time Converter
• Volume Converter


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esthechoc - The Anti-aging Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

esthechoc - The Anti-aging Cambridge Beauty Chocolate | CONVERSIONarium |

Cambridge Beauty Chocolate works at the very source of youthful and radiant looking skin

No ordinary chocolate, esthechoc combines the potency of harnessed natural ingredients with scientific evidence.  

Proprietary technology enhances the power of Cocoa Polyphenols with one of the strongest antioxidants, Astaxanthin.  

These benefits are secured in the scientific & technological process known as the Astacelle Crystal Defense System.

One small esthechoc a day…
your delicious skincare

Distinctly intense and velvety esthechoc – Cambridge Beauty Chocolate is the most exquisite functional dark chocolate enriched with powerful extracts derived from algae to protect your skin from aging and contribute to its radiant look

The new esthechoc with proprietary ASTACELLE Crystals DEFENSE SYSTEM improves skin microcirculation, supports oxygen saturation, enhances skin detoxication and nutrition. For a healthy, smooth and luminous skin. 


  • 10 years of extensive research and medical trials. 2 patents.
  • Proprietary production process leads to the formation of Astacelles – Astaxanthin Cocoa Polyphenol Crystals responsible for esthechoc’sunique activity.
  • Combines active antioxidant ingredients – potent beauty from within.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • More than conventional skincare


Too Good To Be True?

On the Subject:

Post Image

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How to Turn Infographics Into Effective Teaching Tools

How to Turn Infographics Into Effective Teaching Tools | CONVERSIONarium |

Infographics have already established themselves as engaging news and marketing tools, but they are also entering the education space in new and exciting ways.

Teachers can find infographics useful classroom tools in a number of ways. Most prominently, a good graphic makes information easily accessible, as it feeds into many students’ natural tendency to learn by seeing and interacting.

Infographics can also offer a rare chance for crossover between math and language arts, something that many teachers find difficult to do.

So, for teachers, or parents with curious children, who want to use infographics as classroom tools, here are five steps to take while writing your curriculum.

1. Choose the right infographic

Three questions a teacher should ask about about a graphic before using it in the classroom should be:

  • Does the graphic use verifiable information? Make sure you know the graphic’s sources, and whether they can be trusted.
  • Does the visualization use best practices? Are you showing students the best example of how information can be presented graphically? Is the graphic distorting the information, and if so, for what end? 
  • Is the graphic engaging? Use an intriguing infographic to keep your students involved and emphasize why it’s important to produce engaging content.

2. Create some context

Put the students in small groups of two to four.

Use a worksheet to prompt students to evaluate the infographic for conclusions they may be able to draw from it. 

3. Have students analyze the graphics on their own

Put the students in small groups of two to four. Use a worksheet to prompt students to evaluate the infographic for conclusions they may be able to draw from it. 

4. Debrief as a class

Have each one of the groups share what narratives and conclusions they drew from the graphic. Ask them to support their conclusions with evidence they found in the graphic and the background information. Then start a classroom discussion on the differences and similarities between each group’s findings.

5. Evaluate

While it’s great to have a class discussion and get students thinking, every lesson needs an evaluation in today’s school system.

Have each of the students write a short essay in which they develop an argument and support conclusions drawn from their experience with the graphic. 

Highly Supportive

Post Image

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Bob Doppelt: From Me to We - The Transformation Required for Sustainability

Bob Doppelt of The Resource Innovation Group shares information from his new book: From Me to We: The Five Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet.

Doppelt explains what psychologists and sociologists know about the core principles of human change in an effort to alter the way others think and behave in ways that produce sustainable outcomes and address global climate disruption.

Highly Supportive:

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Transformer | CONVERSIONarium |

The Transformer project is based on a hypothesis: within some years, the research fields of advanced material development, distributed data networks and nano-robotics will join and provide us with a programmable, flexible building material. This new Transformer material will allow us to create spaces, objects and buildings that adapt to our needs and desires. Whenever we want it. In real-time. Barbapappa becomes real...

Life in the real-time adaptive, constantly changing city

Imagine a new building material, which is soft, bendable and transformable. Imagine that you could shape this material to form floors and walls, stairs and doors and even furniture how and when you need it. Imagine that this material can be programmed to change its shape to your needs and desires at any moment of the day. How would it be, to live in this Transformer environment?

❒❏  Transforming the City ❐❑ 

The city reacts physically. Buildings can move, expand or shrink. Public space can adapt to different requirements. Spaces can transform to your desires. 


How dynamic can the city react if different users have different desires? What images can we expect from a city, which is constantly re-made, re-build by it’s users?


Post Image

See Building Barbapapa 

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Door of hands

Door of hands | CONVERSIONarium |

Door of Hands / Porta das Mãos (2004-2007)

The performance of Porta das Mãos is composed of 3 independent parts, with 1 hour of duration each.

This work is about connection and transformation. Just by touching two fingers of one hand and two fingers of the other hand and never disconnecting them, it reveals an innumerous series of forms in constant transformation.

Post ImaGe adapted from the work produced by Michel Groisman; with sincere thanks:

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What is 'Downcycling'?

What is 'Downcycling'? | CONVERSIONarium |

Downcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of lesser quality and reduced functionality.

Downcycling aims to prevent wasting potentially useful materials, reduce consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution and water pollution.

Its goals are also lowering greenhouse gas emissions (though re-use of tainted toxic chemicals for other purposes can have the opposite effect) as compared to virgin production. A clear example of downcycling is plastic recycling, which turns the material into lower grade plastics.

The term downcycling was used by Reiner Pilz in an interview by Thornton Kay of Salvo in 1994...

Items available for downcycling often require additional chemicals, energy, and other treatments in order to transform them into something usable.

Durable plastic products in particular require much additional treatment. Trash bins, tables, and chairs are also considered materials with a high energy cost to recycle.

When a product reaches a code seven, it is considered no longer recyclable.

This usually occurs when a substance is blended with other substances, such as different types of plastic with various recycling codes.Since these products can no longer be made into new ones, they will either have to be reused or discarded, typically in a landfill.


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Upcycling, Downcycling, and How to Tell the Difference

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