Strict parenting can curb teens' impulses to drink | CTV News | Controversial Current Events 3 |

Which is the best approach: forbidding kids from drinking entirely; or allow them to drink at home, in hopes they won't binge drink later?


1) Parents rules about alcohol and how they enforce it on their kids.



*Parental disapproval is a huge factor for teens who are tempted to drink.

* If the parents set strict rules on things like:

       •when and where the teens were allowed to drink (in the home, outside the home)

       •how much they were allowed to drink

       •whether parents needed to be present

       •whether they could come home drunk


 teens are better able to inhibit their impulses. 


3) The author agrees with the research she is presenting (Parents influence their kids).

4) The author states her opinion that drinking with or without parents knowing is bad. she states " each episode of drinking can be dangerous for teens, putting them at risk of unsafe behaviour, unwanted or unsafe sex, and drunk driving."

6) She is strongly opposed to alcohol.

7) Teens and their parents.

8) Yes. My parnts have told me not do drink from a young age so i've been against it forever. I agree with the author's opinional statments about alcohol's dangers.


PARAGRAPH: The author will ask a question and then answer it later in the next paragraph. She asks her readers, "which is the best approach?" and then goes on to state what researchers and tests say is true. She will also make statments and then use the research to proove herself. She states that, "teens have trouble with impulse control" and then tells us that Dutch teens impulses have caused the majority of the teen population there to already have tried drinking because of impulse.