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Although honor killings are typically associated with Muslim countries like Turkey, Iraq and especially Pakistan, the practice has nothing to do with Islam (Honor Killings: An Ancient Ritual in a Modern World

1. Afghanistan Honor Killings
• Four Afghan women were killed in southern Canada for angering their father by adapting Western values. The three men that killed them will serve 25 years in prison.
• Honor killings occur to mostly women who have committed a crime that would violate their family's honor.
• Although these killings are usually associated with Muslim countries like Turkey, Iraq, and Pakistan, they have little to do with Islam. It is a tribal ritual that the honor of the family or village is represented by the women and their acts and behavior.
3. Though not specifically stated, I believe the author's diction shows his strong dislike for the situation.
4.No. The author's diction and word choice leads me to believe that he is strongly opposed to the situation.
6. He is concerned about the honor killings, specifically in Turkey.
7. This was written for the General public.
8. Yes. The fact that women are limited socially in other countries is hard for me to wrap my mind around. Killing them for doing something normal seems a little radical.

PARAGRAPH: When the author talks about the killings and says that the victims "committed some act deemed to be a violation of honor", I interpreted his voice to sound sarcastic. "Even things as mudane and innocent as calling a radio station to ask for a song to be played on air" or "a girl seen talking to a boy" make it clear to me that the author thinks that the killings are a crazy act. These have a huge effect on the reader's thoughts. We don't learn alot about what the women did to get themselves killed other than the "adoption of Western values. There could be more to the story that we don't know about, though the author makes them seem innocent. However, I do agree with the author in the fact that these killings are insane. The author does a good job of voicing his thoughts by though not stating them directly.