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Google Uses Direct Mail to Help Drive Internet Marketing

Google Uses Direct Mail to Help Drive Internet Marketing | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
AccurateLeads tells why some of the most recognizable companies that have monumental internet traffic like Apple, Adobe, and Amazon (just to cover the A’s) still use direct mail as a means of marketing.
Luna Phan's insight:

This is a really good article about using direct mail is still so important while social media and internet are rapidly developing. "There must be a reason for a company that control mostly 70% of internet traffic sending direct mail.""

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9 Questions To Consider Before Developing A Social Media Strategy | Business 2 Community

9 Questions To Consider Before Developing A Social Media Strategy | Business 2 Community | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
Most marketers already understand that the biggest benefit to adding social media to their marketing strategy is that a brand can join its customers where they
Luna Phan's insight:

I find this article has given a detailed process on how to developing a social media strategy. IMC is about building brand equity and nowadays, social media is one of the most effective channels to use. This post gives a overall view of what marketers needs to consider before actually go with it. 

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Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand

Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
The Chrysler brand competes against other auto brands like Ford and Chevrolet. But Saad Chehab, president and CEO of Chrysler, has a few other business comparisons.

Via Sylvain Leroux
Luna Phan's insight:

By differentiating its product with other Benchmark's, Chryler had built it brand as an luxury product with limited edition and own designed in request. Customer's ownership can be fulfilled by adding some more personal details to the car. This may higher customer's satisfation as well as the brand value.  

Cindy Cao's comment, April 9, 2013 2:55 AM
I think its great what Chrysler has done, after all creating its own brand in which people can easily identify the product. I think when we see a uniqueness in a product. When the product is marketed well, the market position would also be easily linked to the image it portrayed.
Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:25 PM
I found it very interesting how Saad Chehab decided to use the same concept as Starbucks of personalizing products. After reading the first part of the article I was unsure as to how he would go about implementing this concept; it would be very difficult (as well as expensive) to create a car which was tailored to an individual consumers personal taste. However the way Chehab implemented the new company strategy I believe was very successful. Attracting the attention of a worldwide artist like 50cent would definitely be good PR for the company especially when the music video the car features in has already been viewed 35 million time
Shiv Batta's comment, April 10, 2013 12:44 AM
Interesting. Some companies strive to create the largest target market possible, while others establish smaller segments of the market they wish to aim their product at. So in this case Chysler, which just has 3 models of cars, is attempting to become more personable. In order to be successful at indiviualising their cars, I would think that the company must be able to collect information on the individual being marketed to.
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Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy - Forbes

Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy - Forbes | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
Customer care professionals are challenged these days to identify and resolve customers’ issues through an ever-increasing array of communication channels. They want to know: How can I make my customers happy and bolster our brand?
Luna Phan's insight:

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter is the place for customer to speak out their thought. This might bring up with 2 aspects. One would be the positive comments and another might lead to a bad reputation for a product/ company. The service professional have to face the challenge of capturing and analyzing thousands of conversation to determain the real issue and demonstate that company is listening and willing to change the negative into possitive to earn customer's trust.

Those issue they has been collected might be the warning for the company; therefore, thoes issues could be omitted before happening. It is also a place to collect ideas and advices to improve the product. 






Jacob Bell-Kay's comment, March 21, 2013 5:47 PM
Interesting article. It explains the role social media plays in marketing. It's true that receiving customer feedback through social media channels in real time gives the company more valid and solid information. Social media is fast, easy and accessible for customers to engage and communicate with the company.
Ilona Hussain's comment, March 21, 2013 9:39 PM
I agree this article is a very interesting read. Social media can be seen as a reliable source for consumer feedback, as it is fast easy and cost effective for the business. However, one must wonder weather or not it would have the same effect as other modes of collecting feedback. A customer may only feel the need to give their personal feedback when they have had either a really negative or really positive experience.
Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, March 21, 2013 10:37 PM
This is something that we are starting to see a lot more of lately, and from my perspective I trust my friends more than any company so if I'm in doubt about a brand or product Social Media is normally where I go.
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Consumer Engagement Marketing: IMC Milestone 1

Consumer Engagement Marketing: IMC Milestone 1 | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
The key to consumer-centric marketing
Luna Phan's insight:

The article is quite straight forward in showing why consumer engagement is so important these day and how to engaged them. 

Nowadays, consumer is asking for not only a one way sell but also a two way dialogue - give and take.


The rise of the social media has lead to a demand of expressing consumer's feeling about the product/ company. In there, you can find people wants, needs, demands, and also complaints about the product/ company. Therefore, the product/ company would change as they way people wish them to be. 

Jacob Bell-Kay's comment, March 21, 2013 6:05 PM
The article gives good points on how to engage with consumers. A key word I got out of this is "communication" and doing it well. Anyone can communicate but if done well especially in the business to consumer sense, it will benefit more for both. After all it is all about consumer engagement.
Ilona Hussain's comment, March 21, 2013 9:47 PM
This is a great article which shows the importance of consumer engagement. What it is and how to do it correctly. It is very important to engage with your consumers on different levels and in a variety of ways. Social media is a good example of this, almost everyone today is connected by social media and having this medium as a part of your consumer engagement is a great way to improve and build your business as well as customer service.
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CASE STUDY: Kia and The Croods promote the new Carens

CASE STUDY: Kia and The Croods promote the new Carens | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
Kia Motors joined forces with Dreamworks Amination to promote the updated Carens model through an integrated campaign featuring the Hollywood film 'The Croods'.
Luna Phan's insight:

This is a great example of media planning strategy. The product characteristic and target market are fully performed. Both Carens and Dreamworks Animation are promoted. There are a co-brand short video published on Kia Motor's website, Youtube and Facebook, which allows fan to interactive with the apps. It's still continuing and attracting a huge amount of attention. 

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Marc Jacobs Leverages Social For Luxury Consumer Engagement | InsideFMM

Marc Jacobs Leverages Social For Luxury Consumer Engagement | InsideFMM | consumer - centric engagement AUT |

Via Marlene
Luna Phan's insight:

Marc Jacob has done a really good job when using social media to interact with his customers. They can sign up to win 2 spots to attend his show with fully packet or join the #marcjacobslive conversation via either Twitter or Facebook. The result is the Marc Jacobs show on Wednesday trended to the #8 most talked about topic on twitter worldwide. 

The more people communicate, the more they know about MJ. MJ now building a stronger relationship with the customer as well as its brand.


Karlos's comment, March 21, 2013 3:26 AM
Over the period of two years that was mentioned in the article, it just goes to show that social media has changed and taken over the media aspect of marketing in today's society on a worldwide scale. The consumer on line gets to interact intimately with their favourite brand with the chance of winning something that they deem valuable with a brand half way across the world in real time.
Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, March 21, 2013 10:29 PM
This article goes to show that social media is very effective when it comes to brand management. Social Media is also another great tool when it comes to consumer engagement as customers’ easily take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:34 PM
This article is a great example of successful customer engagement as well as positive integration of marketing elements. Marc Jacobs campaign attracted record numbers in the fashion industry mainly through their live interaction with their consumers. This article can teach other marketers how the use of social media can be extremely beneficial to the company if they use it in the right way.
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Is Social Media’s Branding Power Overstated? | PRNewser

Is Social Media’s Branding Power Overstated? | PRNewser | consumer - centric engagement AUT |

Despite the intense focus on social media and measurement in PR and marketing departments, a new and somewhat surprising study from web content management provider Kentico Softwaredownplays social content’s ability to define a brand.


Just under half of customers around the world claim to have recommended a product or service on a social media site, but the Kentico survey implies that home pages are far more important than social media accounts when it comes to establishing a brand’s reputation....

Via Jeff Domansky
Luna Phan's insight:

This is an evidence showing that social media is not that effective in building a brand as people think. The statistic shows that customer tend to go with the brand website and want to have the response as soon as possible, not to wait for the reply from a Facebook page.

This article tells us another fact of using social media in IMC, is it a real part of the process or just a trend. Marketer really need to think about that question.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, April 5, 2013 9:23 PM

This is a fascinating research repoprt and a must-read for bloggers, PR and marketing pros.

Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:13 PM
I found this article to be very good to read as it backed up its statement by using valid research statistics which has not been done in most articles I have come across on Also this is the first article I have read which isn't necessarily against social media but instead states that there are more effective tools in communicating with clients and promoting clients. Although we do live in an ever changing technological world, and we are mostly connected through some type of social media; marketers will not have to be heavily reliant in promoting their brand through social media.
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What is Brand Management

What is Brand Management | consumer - centric engagement AUT |
What is Brand Management and why is it important for each and every business organization in any market?
Luna Phan's insight:

As in the title of the article. It is about defining what is brand management and why is it so important?  A brand is the only thing that help the company product stands out of other choices. Well managing a brand can bring up the comsumer loyalty, lower price sensitive and higher profitability for the company. IMC is a useful tool to help the company have more connection with its customer, build up a strong relationship and help the company becomes more adapted to the market as well as consumer's demand. 

It takes time to built a brand and a sucessful brand is one of the most valuable asset of an organization.

Jacob Bell-Kay's comment, March 21, 2013 6:04 PM
Good solid article showing explanation of what brand management is and how to build a brand. I agree with you Luna, that if a brand is built right it is one of the most valuable asset to an organisation because as a consumer we like to stick with what we know and are comfortable with. So If a brand can give a consumer a great experience, there is a far more chance of it more surviving long term.
Ilona Hussain's comment, March 21, 2013 9:42 PM
I agree, branding and brand management does help a business quite significantly if they wish to stand out and be seen as a unique company. When brand management is done correctly it can have great rewards as you have pointed out; customer loyalty, and higher profitability.