Buffalo shooter's inspiration from his own diary
The 18-year-old who was charged in the Saturday shooting deaths of ten people in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket revealed in his diary that his radical beliefs originally developed in communities on 4chan and Reddit.
Governor Authorizes Police Unit to Go After 'Hate Speech'
The same side that attacked former President Donald Trump as a power-hungry 'fascist' is transforming America into a police state.
Alex Jones Claims 5 Year-old Girls Are Getting Pregnant
Not only is this false, but the idea that little girls would have to be **raped** for this to happen doesn't faze this lunatic....
� Here's a Primer on the 'Dark MAGA' Uprising that Madison Cawthorn is Threatening
Today's Republican Party has become hopelessly immersed in the smarmy depths of the Cult of Trump. And there is no better indicator of just how deeply it has sunk than the response of one particular ...
Video Shows Celebration Turn to Panic as Shooting Breaks Out at Large Graduation Ceremony
'I held my daughter's hands so tight and just ran. People were running, screaming, falling out,' one mother said.
Discord and 4chan Are Being Investigated for the Buffalo Attack. Nothing Will Happen.
New York's attorney general is looking into a number of social media companies over their role in the Buffalo shooting. Legal experts say little can be done....
Roger Stone at center of leaked group chats among Jan 6th insurrectionists: report
According to information provided by one of the participants, conservative political gadfly Roger Stone was at the center of a group chat named after him that included now-indicted militia members who participated in the Jan 6th insurrection.While there have been reports that the supporter of...
Things are 'likely to get ugly' as Madison Cawthorn makes threats after election loss: analyst
Now that his career in politics has been derailed, if not permanently ended, after his stunning loss in North Carolina's Republican primary on Tuesday, outgoing Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) made an ominous threat after the defeat that could portend a coming campaign of revenge against the...
Elon Musk responds to SpaceX flight attendant's sexual assault accusation
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Alex Jones tells InfoWars viewers of rapid shrinkage in men's genital size
Far-right podcaster and conspiracy theory promoter Alex Jones claims that men have penis size only a quarter of the size of their grandfathers during a segment on "gay frogs."“That’s why genitals, I don’t care if you’re black or white, are a third of the size they were of a 1960s male," he...