Five top tips on why healthcare professionals should be using social media in 2014 #hcsm | Gestionando la comunicación en el sector sociosanitario |

The relationship between patients and doctors has long been based on face-to-face communication and complete confidentiality. Whilst these fundamentals still absolutely remain, the channels of communication across all sectors have changed monumentally, with social media at the forefront of these changes.


Increasingly patients are taking to the Internet to find recommendations for healthcare professionals and to self-diagnose. By having an online presence your business can positively influence these conversations – engaging with the public and colleagues both locally and globally and can facilitate public access to accurate health information. The reality is social media is here to stay, so in 2014 why not make it your resolution to become part of the conversation.


To get you started and so that social media isn’t seen as such a daunting place, SocialB are providing a free eBook containing lots of fantastic advice on how to use social media within the healthcare sector ‘Twitter for Healthcare Professionals’ please visit to receive your free copy.


Here are 5 top tips on using social media in 2014:


1. Decide on your online image and adhere to it

2. Be approachable, whilst maintain professional boundaries

3. Contribute your knowledge, experience and industry information

4. Treat others how you wish to be treated

5. Consider your audience

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