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Java - Student Scores Application (no user input) Solution


Welcome to the Student Scores Application.

Enter number of students to enter: 4

Last name: Steelman
First name: Andrea
score: 95

Last name: Murach
First name: Joel
score: 92

Last name: Lowe
First name: Doug
score: 82

Last name: Murach
First name: Mike
score: 93

Lowe, Doug: 62 BELOW AVERAGE
Murach, Joel: 92
Murach, Mike: 93
Steelman, Andrea: 95

Class Average: 85.5

Press any key to continue . . .

• This application accepts the last name, first name, and score for one or more students
and stores the results in an array. Then, it prints the students and their scores in
alphabetical order by last name.

The application should display the class average at the end of the students information.

It should also display a message: "Below Average" after each student whose grade is more than 10 points below the class average.

• The program should implement a class named Student that stores the last name, first
name, and score for each student. This class should implement the IComparable
interface so the students can be sorted by name. If two students have the same last
name, the first name should be used to determine the final sort order.
• The program should use an array to store the Student objects. Then, it should sort the
array prior to printing the student list.
• Validate the input so the user can enter only a positive integer for the number of
students, the last or first name can’t be an empty string, and the score is an integer
from 0 to 100. - See more at:

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