Components of IMC 2.0
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Components of IMC 2.0
Articles week 4-6
Curated by Meera Bhana
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Scooped by Meera Bhana!

How Interactive Displays Are Helping Customers Buy Smarter - PSFK

How Interactive Displays Are Helping Customers Buy Smarter - PSFK | Components of IMC 2.0 |
With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK builds a hypothetical retail store that can better engage customers with the use of digital displays.
Meera Bhana's insight:


 This article is based on the idea that technology is something that is becoming more and more advanced. Different brands are continously coming up with new and innovation ways to  market their products. Advertisements and marketing are now becoming a more interactive process which leads to the consumers having more input and interest in the buying process.  Is this a good way for companiesto interact with customers?

Shaima'a Ali's comment, April 9, 2013 5:06 AM
As the years go by, the world is getting increasing more advanced in technology. So the idea of interactive displays helping customer buy smarter is a way that has allowed consumers to engage with a brand through everyday usage of technology. This is the best way to approach consumers/buyers in todays world. It also allows the brand to reach consumers of all ages, as everyone is jumping on the technological bandwagon, even elderly people. I think it is a good way for companies to interact with customers as it is a very important channel to communicate with customers and digital marketing is quite crucial in todays world.
Medinah Ali's comment, April 9, 2013 5:22 AM
I believe, this is an ideal way of interacting with consumers. The advancement of technology has allowed consumers to experience new ways of interacting with a product. I agree with Shaima’s, “this is truly the best way to approach consumers/buyers in today’s world”. , This video also shows the advancement of technology to create a better experience while purchasing products.
Brad McMahon's comment, April 9, 2013 9:52 AM
Customers are the ones that allow are company to exist. Interaction has never been such a powerful tool to enhance a brand or companies marketing communications. Technology is advancing at such a speed that almost everyone has so much knowledge in terms of the latest technology so its vital for companies to exploit this and use it to their advantage, for not only the consumers benefits but the company too.
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Emotional responses, heart rate & more: measuring consumer behavior

Emotional responses, heart rate & more: measuring consumer behavior | Components of IMC 2.0 |
Consumers make many different choices per day. Researchers search for suitable methods and techniques to get more insight in consumer behavior.
Meera Bhana's insight:

This article explains the emotional responses that consumers experience. Different consumers have differents rates of vulnerability. The key research that is conducted are  questionnaires to help gani insight on consumers feelings. Consumers have an initial response and then that changes as they think more into the decision. There are times where consumers will make an unconscious and then realise the impact after. They research certain behaviours to see which had more impact on the consumer and what was best suited for consumer research. The experiment that took place looked at the consumers heart rate, temperature and many other aspects to  see how they reacted to certain issues. Do you think this concept is a good way to measure a consumers responsiveness?

Wu Meng's curator insight, August 20, 2013 2:00 PM


This article is mainly about the power of uncontious decision, which means that emotion plays an important role in customers' choices of products and purchase decision.

Customers are humans, with various emotions which affect consumer behaviour. The research in the article involves customers emotions indicated  through facial expressions, heart rate, finger temprature, and so forth. The research reveals that emotions are the best indicator of people's preferences to specific food, revealed by the changes in facial expressions or heart rate.

Therefore, for marketers, it is important to take consumers' emotional response into account when applying marketing strategy. The unconsious response (emotional) may be more reliable than the consious response (sensible), especially when it comes to purchase decison.

Huiqing Chen's comment, August 21, 2013 9:03 AM
In this article, people use heart rate and temperature to experiment consumers' responses towards products. I think it can be influenced by their subconscious more than their emotional responses.
Renee Huang's comment, August 21, 2013 1:26 PM
This is an interesting article, which extant my personally knowledge about how to observing consumer behaviour when they shopping in the supermarket. That is interesting to know consumer acceptance may be based on unconscious process. The observing consumer behaviour is becoming more and more popular, thus, the marketer should considering this strategy or this took for helping develop the market. Also can getting to know more about the consumers experiences, needs and wants.
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Setting Goals - Integrated Marketing Communication

Setting Goals - Integrated Marketing Communication | Components of IMC 2.0 |
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Meera Bhana's insight:

This article is based on the objective of IMC. It is not very indepth but it gives good examples of the different aspects that come into play in the goal setting process. It also highlights that smaller companies are capable of using IMC to a certain extent.  Media is continuosly being introduced and becoming more innovative which makes it easier for any type of company to have good marketing strategies. Is this the new face of IMC?

Shaima'a Ali's comment, April 9, 2013 5:19 AM
I agree with Meera that the article highlights that media is continously being intrdocued and is dominating how companies market their brands. Setting goals in IMC is obviously crucial as they allow the company to have some sort of finish line and it allows a better understanding of the purpose of it all. The article shows the reader what IMC is based on and what the objective of an IMC approach truly is. The article speaks of two factors that are important to an IMC approach which are: Setting goals and Common IMC objectives. These allow marketers to know where they are heading and what they are heading into.
Medinah Ali's comment, April 9, 2013 5:36 AM
Yes, I believe social media is the new face of IMC. Like social networking, IMC is about managing day to day interactions with customers and prospects. As Meera states, the article highlights that media is continuously being introduced and is dominating how companies market their brands. This shows the importance of IMC approach in this day and age. Obtaining structured objectives and set goals is crucial when attaining a positive consumer base. Goals provide a vision for a company, which allows them to accomplish certain goals to make it more possible to succeed in the marketplace.
Brad McMahon's comment, April 9, 2013 9:44 AM
Social Media almost in a way controls the company. As without it they would fall behind the other players in the specific category they compete in as the business world relies on these media forms to interact with consumers, because that is what consumers today are being won over by. The article highlights that the IMC approach is based around setting goals and structured objectives, which provides direction for marketers.