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Competence vs. Mastery


When we are competent, we can do our work at high standards. When we are a master, we invent the next level of our work, craft, or business, which is a lot more attractive, especially to those we are in relation.


A master is both competent and creative; having mastered what is known in a subject and likely created new rules or a new body of knowledge. Being competent means doing the task repetitively with few errors, as in being a competent physician.


A master can synthesize; someone who's competent can only consistently replicate. When we are competent in a particular skill, we are adequate at using the skill effectively. Mastery lives at the other end of the continuum, at the moment when the skill becomes perfected.


Because of the dynamic nature of Lifestyle Coaching interaction, there is a constant interplay of skill level throughout the conversation, depending on various contextual factors.


Lifestyle Tip: Look for the ways that you are a "master"...build your Lifestyle there. That is the place where the creative juices will flow and your will empower your Lifestyle. Energy spent improving your level of competency will only make you consistent.