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Communication with consumers research
Integrated Marketing Communications research
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Rescooped by kevin bang from IMC: The Importance of Emotional Responses!

Emotional Marketing: What Makes Buyers Buy Part 2

Emotional Marketing: What Makes Buyers Buy Part 2 | Communication with consumers research |
This is a continuation of my recent post Emotional Marketing: What Makes Buyers Buy, where I talked about how humans are wired for emotional response and listed ways that should manifest in our marketing decisions.

Via Carlo Arioli, Holly Eden, Rakesh Kanji
kevin bang's insight:

This article tells us that emotion is what gets people to buy products. I agree with this statement. Though, emotion needs to be there, reading reviews on the product you want to buy does help alot as well. As mentioned within the article that I also agree on, researching on its facts and figures isn't as important as people won't remember it later on. Combining these two factors can help significantly on whether to buy the product or not.

faisal bin afif's comment, April 7, 2013 9:06 AM
Good article, I relate it to IMC in a different way. The use of a story is argued to be a successful marketing tool, however it must be implemented using a IMC strategy to be highly effective. This is because all consumers need to be told the first part of the story before the second part in order for it not to cause confusion, to achieve this a number of marketing mediums must be used to get maximum penetration. For the campaign to be highly effective the more people talking about the story the better, therefore an IMC strategy saying the story through a number of mediums the more people will know about it.
SooJin Kim's comment, April 9, 2013 8:41 AM
A very interesting article, emotional connection though various mediums is an important aspect of marketing. Also, people always want to get feedback on products they haven’t used before, especially if they are interested in the product in the first place. I also agree with your opinion on facts and figures, often people neglect the product if you just see numbers, people just get intimidated. An emotional approach and reviews are an effective combination.
kevin bang's comment, April 9, 2013 9:37 AM
Indeed Soojin, it is less likely for people to look up facts and figures as it isn't really relevant towards their buying expenditure. I think reading reviews before purchasing something is extremely important. How else would you know what the product is like? How would you know if the product is good or bad? Is there any harsh ingredients within the product you're trying to buy? Being oblivious to ask yourself these type of questions and not getting these answers from reviews can cause much distraught towards a person. You may like the product you're seeing but without knowing something about it can diminish your emotion towards it
Scooped by kevin bang!

Branding Strategy Insider | Brand Messaging For A Strong Emotional Response

Branding Strategy Insider | Brand Messaging For A Strong Emotional Response | Communication with consumers research |
kevin bang's insight:

This article lists the main points that is needed to achieve a good emotional response from its consumers, in which I find to be absolutely true. To generate such response, the message for it should be physical, simple and memorable. Without doing so, can cause consumers to focus elsewhere as they think that you aren't putting any feelings towards what you're trying to sell. Thus, emotion is something very important for a company to consider, as utilizing such factor along with others, can help increase its chance of achieving its goals. A strong emotional response can leave a good impression of a company, which can then attract more consumers.

SooJin Kim's comment, April 6, 2013 11:43 AM
I strongly agree with your opinion. Once a company has made a strong emotional impression, the results create a long lasting effect on the consumer. Therefore, companies should appeal to the customer’s emotional values. Appealing to customers emotions is a necessary ingredient in order to attract more consumers.
kevin bang's comment, April 8, 2013 10:08 AM
Indeed, emotion plays such a crucial part in becoming successful and so without it, can cause significant harm towards the company. Other factors that help a company reach success like branding are of great importance as well but its emotion that really helps attract more customers.