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5 Challenges Marketers Have With Measuring Success - Social Audit

5 Challenges Marketers Have With Measuring Success - Social Audit | Communication Mix |
Checking your audiences' activity on Social Media is what every marketer should be monitoring but they should also track the business results more and tie Social Media activity with business objectives.
Olivia Bromley's insight:

This article was very informative and gave great insight into how to measure the success of the company's social media marketing. When using social media it is difficult to measure how many consumers are actually connecting with the company and who are just viewing occassional promotions the company displays. This article is helpful by identifying the 5 challenges marketers have when measuring their success and it gives useful guidlines to help them. I believe that social media is a good marketing technique when promoting a product or brand and helps companies engage with consumers. However, companies have to work really hard to get consumers to take the next step and actually stay loyal to them because consumers are overloaded with information from different organisations everyday. Therefore, by using the guidlines in this article companies can start measuring their success properly and see if social media marketing is really working for them.


Mehnaz Shama's comment, September 26, 2013 7:29 AM
I agree with Olivia as this article is very informative in terms of providing helpful guidelines for marketers to overcome the challenges that follows with trying to measure their success. Olivia also states that companies need to make extra effort to actually engage with consumers on a different level as many organizations try and get their brand and messages across to them everyday. This is very important as, if consumers lose interest in the company it would be difficult to regain their trust and loyalty. Therefore this article can help companies measure their success accurately using helpful guidelines.
Candace Pritchard's comment, September 26, 2013 9:50 AM
I really enjoyed reading this article as I have learned valuable information off it and would be a definite point for brands to know. Social media is a great way to market but you must be able to measure the amount of bew customers it is bringing in rather than fans. the article explains that likes or followers on social media is not a way to evaluate but rather meausre how many customers social media is bringing to your brand. Olivia has understood the article well and I agree with her opinion when she says social media is a good marketing tool.
Scooped by Olivia Bromley!

Ad Cafe – The marketing communications mix

Ad Cafe – The marketing communications mix | Communication Mix |
Although the “marketing communications mix” (not to be confused, albeit confusing, with the “marketing mix”) has evolved through numerous variations, there are three elements to marketing communications: tools, media and messages.
Olivia Bromley's insight:

This article is really informative and gives readers a full understanding of what the communication mix is and what it is made up of. Most people confuse the communication mix with the marketing mix or think they are the same. This article explains that they are different and goes into detail about each section of the communication mix. The three main parts of the communication mix are: tools, medium and messages. The article describes clearly what each element is and how it can be used to benefit companies. I believe this article is very valuable to any brand or company wanting to communicate with consumers and should be used if they want to be successful.

Mehnaz Shama's comment, September 26, 2013 7:46 AM
This article is helpful in terms of providing essential detail about each aspect of the communication mix. As Olivia states, this article and be beneficial to any type of brand and or business that want to build a strong relationship with their consumers and also do it successfully. This is important, as building strong relationships with their consumers can lead to more brand exposure and increase product purchases. Olivia then goes on to explain the easy to understand layout of this article in splitting communication mix into three main parts with explainations.
Candace Pritchard's comment, September 26, 2013 9:02 AM
Olivia has understood the article well as she explains her insight to the article good. I think this article was very helpful as in the beginning as I was confused with the marketing mix and marketing communication mix. The article does well at explaining the elements of marketing communications which are tools, media and messages. I also agree with Olivia when she has said that this article could be valuable to a brand.