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Don't sacrifice comms on the altar of marketing

Don't sacrifice comms on the altar of marketing | Communicating with consumers |
PRWeek Don't sacrifice comms on the altar of marketing PRWeek PRWeek has written extensively about the rise in importance of marketing in the communications mix and the fact that PR is increasingly accessing the bigger budgets available from this...

Via Fernanda Grimaldi
Ryan Otto's insight:

A look into the change thats occuring in marketing today in relation to the communications mix and how companies are directing their resources and power towards various different parts of the communications mix. It raised a good point that in todays society some of the more prominent of the communications mix such as advertising may slowly be taking a back seat when compared to PR

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New Media Forecast 2012 | Refinery Media

New Media Forecast 2012 | Refinery Media | Communicating with consumers |
As a Digital Production Company specializing in Multi-platform content, Refinery Media's team of Media Specialists ensures the Best for Tomorrow's Media through the Strategic Integration of Traditional and New Media.

Via Kevin Hayes, Ben Hamer
Ben Hamer's curator insight, May 7, 2013 7:28 PM

This article provides some very good points, one of these being that it discusses the need for a brand to utilise all types of media in order to effectively integrate themselves into the market. The article discusses the move from traditional TV to online TV introducing a different type of advertising opportunity for social integration.Another point made is that now companies are recognising the importance of integration through creating communication channels through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as appose to using them as advertising channels. The article also talks about an increase in multi-platform marketing campaigns from companies. These will consist of mass marketing and more specific targeted marketing campaigns. I believe this article is effective because it recognises the need for change and outlines the different ways brands can utilise media in order to portray their message and create effective integration.

Mohammed Bin Afif's comment, May 8, 2013 2:12 AM
Good article, it shows that social media is still in its infancy as businesses and marketers try and find ways to best reach and use the online population to their best advantage. Social media is very cost efficient and time efficient for advertisers but they must be careful about the content they post or what others say about them as negative comments can go viral even if they have no substance to them. Advertisers must also be wary about where they advertise on social media and where to develop a presence as popularity of sites can fast change, at the moment Google+ and Facebook are locked in a fight for online traffic. In terms of integrated marketing communication it is far easier for advertisers to broaden their message on social media as there is a lot more communication happening and they may be drawn into different events and dialogue. Therefore it may be harder, but no less important, to maintain an integrated marketing strategy.
Danielle X's comment, May 9, 2013 10:25 PM
Interesting article, it predicts the new media in 2012. How traditional tv replaced by online tv which brings in dynamic components to advertising and social media integration; the new integration of social media and tv programming and more companies realised the importance of social media, and shift their communication channel focus on sical media ect. Its quite interesting that it discusses different ways a brand can utilise media and how to integrate them together.