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Driving Question to Facilitate Student Inquiry and Common Core

Driving Question to Facilitate Student Inquiry and Common Core | Common Core |

"I really like Driving Questions. In fact, I like them so much more then Essential Questions. You might ask why? I think it just might be my affection for the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. You may remember that in the revision the different levels were changed into action."

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Beth Dichter's curator insight, June 18, 2013 10:04 PM

In this post Gorman explains why he likes driving questions and how they differ from essential questions. He states "they allow students to work together in the amazing process of divergent thinking." 

Gorman also notes that it is difficult to create good driving questions (and one might say the same can be true with essential questions). The image above looks at questions asked in "educationese" and how one might translate that to a driving question.

In addition he provides links to quite a few resources that include:

* A resource that looks at concepts of the driving question

* A variety of resources on Project Based Learning, including how to craft a driving question (which also includes a video)

* Practice with driving questions

Rescooped by Shanda Seibel from Common Core Online!

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