Networking--Twitter | COM 375 Portfolio |

This is a marvelous example because twitter is an unbelievable way to distribute your opinion or information amongst the world, or to a specific target category. Twitter can be filtered/curated with using Hashtags, using @ symbols towards the twitter account your looking to display that messsage too, and with this, it evolves twitter into a social network of communication amongst one another and evaluating everyone's voice. Within my twitter, I had implemented a strategy of following my interests, and within time, more things I were interested started following me, especially after I continued to tweet. This displays the value in twitter and it's effective ways of marketing, because some of these small business companies I would not be aware of if it wasnt for twitter. I communicated informally to all these people/small businesses that I was just being introduced to. This is an exemplary example of effective marketing and twitter displays all of these qualities in quality computer mediated communication.