How To Add Rigor To Anything | Cognitive Rigor |


"Rigor is a fundamental piece of any learning experience.

It is also among the most troublesome due to its relativity. Rigorous for whom? And more importantly, how can you “cause” it?

Barbara Blackburn, author of “Rigor is not a 4-Letter Word,” shared 5 “myths” concerning rigor, and they are indicative of the common misconceptions: that difficult, dry, academic, sink-or-swim learning is inherently rigorous.

Myth #1: Lots of Homework is a Sign of Rigor
Myth #2: Rigor Means Doing More
Myth #3: Rigor is Not For Everyone
Myth #4: Providing Support Means Lessening Rigor
Myth #5: Resources Do Not Equal Rigor"

Via Beth Dichter