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College Football Coaching Salaries Grow Astronomically Due to Escalating ... - Forbes

College Football Coaching Salaries Grow Astronomically Due to Escalating ... - Forbes | Coaching |
College Football Coaching Salaries Grow Astronomically Due to Escalating ...ForbesThe case that Division I college football coaches deserve to be highly paid because the economics of college football dictate that to be the case.

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Stephen Basden's comment, September 12, 2013 8:30 PM
I learned exactly how much college football coach affects the economics and revenue of a college. I have never really thought about the coaches popularity because I, myself, have always been submerged in the athletes popularity. I completely agree with this article.
How a college football teams success translated into bigger media deals which then translated to bigger coaching salaries.
I am a very big supporter on college athletes being paid so when I saw a article regarding the pay of college coaches I jumped at the opportunity to read some new information.
This information gives me another aspect of exactly how much a college sports team can affect the college's revenue. I hope to one day make a push for college athletes to get paid and college coaches to maintain big time contracts, this information arms me with the knowledge I need to lead this change.
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How Coaching Can Impact Teachers, Principals, and Students

How Coaching Can Impact Teachers, Principals, and Students | Coaching |


Finally, the Annenberg report determined that coaching supports collective leadership across a school system. An essential feature of coaching is that it uses the relationships between coaches, principals, and teachers to create the conversation that leads to behavioral, pedagogical, and content knowledge change.


Effective coaching distributes leadership and keeps the focus on teaching and learning. This focus promotes the development of leadership skills, professional learning, and support for teachers that target ways to improve student outcomes...


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Stephen Basden's comment, September 12, 2013 8:30 PM
What I learned from this article is how a good coach on the field, can help a student's performance in the classroom. Strong and successful sports programs create atmospheres on campuses that help success in the classroom. Principles should take this into mind when hiring a coach. They can't just hire somebody with a good playbook but rather role models and well respected individuals that will create young men and women who challenge themselves outside of sports.

In this particular article, what I found most educational is when the author said "Coaching is an essential component of an effective professional development program. Coaching can build will, skill, knowledge, and capacity because it can go where no other professional development has gone before: into the intellect, behaviors, practices, beliefs, values, and feelings of an educator. " This is such a powerful statement. I have for years personally seen how coaching affects an individual. I had a football coach in high school that demanded the best from us not just on the field but in the classroom and as a person. This coach meant a lot to me, he was very knowledgeable, successful, and well respected that I treated his word like gospel. During the season I actually saw an increase in grades and personally happiness. Coaches can have a personal relationship with their players that no teacher, principle, or other faculty member can imitate. Sports is a powerful tool and when used correctly can change lives; not only of that individual but his peers too.

I selected because the title really grabbed my attention. Often times we hear how sports can really help a student or employee in their respective environments so I thought it was really interesting to see an article on how teachers can also benefit from sports. A good sports program directly translate into a good academic program at an institution.

This article gave me even more of an understanding on exactly how much sports affect all aspects of life. Sports go way beyond the playing field, they carry over into relationships and even occupations. Everything in life you do that isn't individual, needs teamwork. Whether that be wife and husband or employee and employer, sports have and continue to prove that teamwork gets things done the best. Sacrificing personal agendas to achieve greater goals is a must and sports have taught us this over the years.
Gust MEES's comment, September 12, 2013 8:36 PM
Hi, I agree with You. These parts from sports are influencing widely in life and education!
Andrea Cruz's curator insight, September 29, 2013 9:56 PM

Focus on teaching and learning when coaching....

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Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching - Forbes

Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching - Forbes | Coaching |
By Douglas Riddle There are countless executive coaches I would never hire for myself, no matter how wise, insightful, dynamic or experienced. Admittedly, I’m a hard guy to please, so what I require might not be a good guide for others.

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Stephen Basden's comment, September 12, 2013 8:41 PM
I learned how coaching isn't just a sports term. This is a term used in the job setting daily and a good coach isn't only necessary for a good sports team but also a good business.
The characteristics that the author gave were very interesting. An open mind, non-reactivity, and permissive attention are all necessities for a good coach.
I selected this article because I really want to know what it takes to be the best coach I can be. I am always open to new pieces of literature that can help improve my coaching abilities.
This information will help me reach my dream goal of being a professional basketball coach. Knowing the variety of characteristics that it takes to be a good successful coach will be very helpful as I begin my journey of my coaching career.
Blair Kettle's curator insight, October 15, 2013 5:48 PM

Expanding on the growing neuroscience evidence that mindfulness can aid in the beneficial reshaping of the mind Douglas Riddle argues that a new type of executive coach is needed.


“The coaches who expand my mind, emotions and performance come to the coaching relationship from a place of inner calm. They have quiet minds. They are not beguiled by fancy techniques or elegant coaching models. They are midwives for the narrow, messy emergence into a larger world – and they rely on habits of mindfulness to accomplish that.”


For those unfamiliar with mindfulness, Dr. John Kabat-Zinn, Professor Emeritus of Medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School, has developed Mindfulness Meditation into a scientifically and medically accepted approach to stress reduction that has gained wide acceptance. But the idea that mindfulness techniques can help for other practical purposes is gaining ground. Old habits don’t have to die hard after all.


Dr. Norman Doidge, a Canadian Psychiatrist, does an excellent job at explaining the scientific understanding of brain plasticity in his book The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science.