REVIEW: Talend Open Studio Data Integration Tools | Cloud Services Integrations |

Your small business uses an accouting package which your accountant and CPA can't do without. Your sales team, on the other hand, seems wedded to a CRM software for contact managment and prospect tracking. You also have other assorted stand-alone applications and spreadsheets. Do you have to resign yourself to entering the same data in multiple places? And can you not create reports that uses all of this data together? "Commercial tools are available to help with such tasks, but these can be hideously expensive, not to mention complex and are often limited in the types of data they can handle...Talend Open Studio (TOS) addresses all this by bundling together a set tools designed to handle common data integration tasks on top of which it adds an easy to use graphical interface, plus connectors to understand common data sources."

Via Ashok Ramachandran