EU agri-food exports remain stable unless wheat | CIHEAM Press Review |

By the DG AGRI of the European Commission, 26/10/2018

The year on year performance of EU agri-food exports remains remarkably stable with the September 2017 - August 2018 period representing a 0.1% change on the previous 12 months. This was due to a slight decline during August 2018 with exports dropping to €11.3 billion (a decrease of 2%), with imports also falling slightly to €9.1 billion (a drop of 0.6%). These are the main findings from the latest monthly trade report (476.1 KB - PDF) published by the European Commission.

Exports of cereals (other than wheat and rice) have experienced a significant rise (of €51 million) with pasta and bread (a rise of €32 million) also performing strongly. However, wheat has  experienced a significant decrease, down €62 million and €47 million respectively.