Is Having Obese Children Child Abuse? | childhood abuse |
How far is too far when it comes to simply feeding your children?

1. Child abuse in the form of obesity

2. Morbidly obese children should be removed from their homes, nearly one in three American children are now overweight, leaving things up to the parent isn't workin in many homes, children should not be permanently removed

3. The writer thinks that childhood obesity is not something to be taken lightly. 

4. Yes, "1. Something needs to be done; and 2. Leaving it up to the parents isn't working in many homes."

6. The columnist does not agree with having an obese child.

7. A reader who wants to know what is being done about children who are being abused by over feeding and not controlling proportions.

8. Yes, they offer a lot of evidence of how many children are obese and what is being done to help these children with their weight.

9. "Is Having Obese Children Child Abuse?" Good Lifestyle. 14 July 2o11


2. The writer shows statistics and much evidence on how many children suffer from obesity in parts of the United States. The author uses ethos to grab the reader's attention and to get them to keep reading the article. The columnist tells many different ways that the situation is being handled and what the outcome is. This article shows that childhood obesity is bad, and is just getting more serious as the years go on, and there should be a stop to it at some point.