Charter School Nightmares  | Charter Schools & "Choice": A Closer Look |

"Teacher at a *~bAy aReA cHaRteR~*. While I am lucky to get to work with children every day, there is no limit to how awful these privately-owned, racist and exploitative companies can be. I try to take a break from eternally rolling my eyes at these neoliberal a$$holes to write about how removed from reality a charter school can be."


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More about my school. We have:

  • no cafeteria
  • no school nurse
  • no on-site custodian
  • no school library
  • school is 7:45 - 4 PM (8.25+ hours) daily
  • recess is 15 minutes and running is prohibited
  • lunch is 15 minutes and kids are not allowed to talk during lunch
  • every student (from pre-K to 5th grade) has mandatory computer class for 90 minutes a day" 


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