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Chadwick Blackwell Announces Importance of Child Psycholog

After many years researching psychology and dedicating his life to the field, Chadwick Blackwell states the necessity of studying Child Psychology in today’s world.

Chadwick Blackwell's insight:

Chadwick Blackwell has instructed many courses on child growth and development at the
university level. His drive to inform others about child mentality is astounding and has
influenced many of his students to further their education in the topic. Chadwick Blackwell is adamant that we can conquer problems and challenges of tomorrow’s world if we focus our energy on children today. The way our world influences their brain development is so powerful that to ignore the subconscious decisions we make in their presence would be to falter in a tremendous way.

While at the University of Virginia, Chadwick Blackwell taught a course on Children’s Learning which not only focused on learning principles but also on the biology of a child’s mind; both are massive contributors to learning development.  

“A child’s mind is no different than an adult’s when it comes to thought process and decision-making. The main problem with adult’s is their over-thinking of problems,” claims Chadwick Blackwell. “The main problem with children is their hasty decision making; perhaps we can find a balance between these two polar opposites and make less mistakes when it comes to daily challenges.”

For two years, Chadwick Blackwell taught at Blue Ridge Community College. During this time he taught a handful of courses simultaneously and focused almost all of his energy on his work. Those courses included: Human Growth and Development, Child Development, Introduction to Psychology, and Principles of Psychology. Chadwick Blackwell says that it was through this dense schedule that he channeled his motivation from being a student, and delved further into his field of expertise than he ever had before.

If you want to really explore the depths of your work, Chadwick Blackwell advises immersing yourself entirely for a brief span of time until you’re living and dreaming the material. His work was child psychology and after his two year heavy work load was through, Chadwick Blackwell found himself missing the time spent in his research. This was the key to researching even more. To uncover your possibilities, you must test your boundaries.

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Chadwick Blackwell Guest Lectures at University of Virginia

Chadwick Blackwell has an opportunity to speak at a university in his home state.

Chadwick Blackwell's insight:

Chadwick Blackwell has created quite a name for himself in the field of psychology; having
earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate he has also worked hard to establish himself as a college-level instructor. Having attended many lectures himself, Chadwick Blackwell has
realized his dreams of helping inspire others to further their academic careers and push their
minds to the limits and then going past them.

Chadwick Blackwell’s lecture at the University of Virginia in the Spring of 2000 was geared
toward graduate students and was structured around the relationship between learning, habits,
and scripts. “I wanted to have the graduate students really connect to what I was talking about,”says Chadwick Blackwell. “It was important that I used the lessons I’d learned up until that point to aid them in their careers.”

Chadwick Blackwell got it right with knowing how to relate to an audience. One of the hardest parts of lecturing is gaining the audience’s attention and keeping it. Chadwick Blackwell proves that with skill and charisma, he can command a room. Many people applaud him on his humor and outgoing personality which attracted the University of Virginia to ask him to speak to their students.

There have been other cases in which Chadwick Blackwell has given lectures, he declares it his way of giving back after being inspired by so many professionals he has seen speak in the past. In fact one of the first things he noticed about lecturers is their comfort level in front of a crowd. Chadwick Blackwell vowed that if he was going to successfully give lectures he wanted to be one of those presenters that felt at ease, as it helps your believability and helps the audience feel more comfortable trusting in you.

At his Alma Mater, James Madison University, Chadwick Blackwell gave a presentation
discussing Paulo Freire’s “Bank Concept of Education.” This system bases around the idea that students' minds are to be filled with the instructor’s knowledge, a basic concept that speaks volumes to university students’ minds. This lecture was well received and ignited even more drive in Chadwick Blackwell to give presentations and lectures.

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Chadwick Carter Blackwell Announces his Dedication to his Family

Chadwick Carter Blackwell has established himself as an academic but he declares his true inspiration comes from his wife and two sons without whom, his career would falter.

Chadwick Blackwell's insight:

To many professionals, their work comes before anything else. However, as a devoted Christian Chadwick Carter Blackwell believes his family should come before his career. His wife and two sons give Chadwick Carter Blackwell a reason to succeed, to provide for his loving support system.

Before having his family, Chadwick Carter Blackwell worked as a volunteer in Alaskan State Parks where he worked with others to clear trails, assisted in museum work, as well as built bridges and maintained paths. It was during this time that Chadwick Carter Blackwell discovered the importance of inner peace and the opportunity that working in nature provided to obtain this. This is why today Chadwick Carter Blackwell not only finds solace in spending time with his family but often by being outdoors rather than always studying his books.

Even still, Chadwick Carter Blackwell is a researcher at heart and hopes to encourage his boys to pursue their passions and study hard like he did. These are values that were instilled in Chadwick Carter Blackwell and have affected his professional career as well as his personal. It is clear that passion is an important component of his life, as Chadwick Carter Blackwell is very in love with his wife and admires her academic accomplishments as well as her feats as the mother of their children.

“I am a firm believer in giving everything you have to your life, because each day could be your last. As a husband, father, and professor I want to give everything I have to the people that depend on me. Especially my family, as I depend on them more than I could ever say,” said Chadwick Carter Blackwell.

When asked about Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s role as a family man, his wife and children said he gave everything he had and they couldn’t ask for a better husband/father. This is the truest sign of success.

If you’d like to hear about his dedication for his family while maintaining such a prestigious career, Chadwick Carter Blackwell is always willing to talk about his admiration and affection for his wife and children.

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