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Loot: EOY 2012

Loot: EOY 2012 | CDS ego boosting articles |



Badges from CDS: Playing the Neko Hunter game, I won myself a Madoka wedged between two Mamis. You know, a pair of Mamis. Like Mami’s mammaries, all good things come in pairs. I’m not even joking about the ‘wedged’ part since the order was Mami, Madoka, Mami. The Mami was also a C. Two Cs, in fact. You could call them the C-men.  I am making a ton of paizuri jokes.


CDS Darkness Note: It’s no secret my current obsession is Chu2Koi. I’m not ashamed at all. Weirdly enough, the book wasn’t a direct copy of Yuuta’s book, but more like a book on the characters and their powers. I like the way they described them, Kumin especially. The addition of an ‘alternate universe’ section was hilarious. The flipbook style OP animation at the corners of the page made this book even more awesome. CDS never disappoints.

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Spotted! TC

Spotted! TC | CDS ego boosting articles |
TC, one of the original founders of Collateral Damage Studios, has moved on to greener pastures after nurturing a new generation of creators and churning out a plethora of fan publications, along with two original compilations and a public gallery exhibition in Singapore. However, that hasn't stopped the elusive creator from exploring new styles and trends in the fan art world; from air-bending avatars to heavily armed schoolgirls and tattooed ponies. If quirky, whimsical and colourful is your favorite style of poison, TC's got that in spades and oodles. More of his work on PIXIV or Tumblr. Tweet
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Spotted! Tan Hui Tian

Spotted! Tan Hui Tian | CDS ego boosting articles |
Girls, girls and girls in the work of Tan Hui Tian aka 'Space Penguin'. Hui Tian is a member of the doujin group CDS and a full-time game artist at PD Design Studio. Her personal style is a mishmash of East meets West, and suggests true draughtsmanship. Want more? Check out her portfolio on tumblr and deviantart, and LIKE her FB page. Tweet
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Workshop Feature: Tan Hui Tian (Collateral Damage Studios)

Workshop Feature: Tan Hui Tian (Collateral Damage Studios) | CDS ego boosting articles |
CDS.sgs insight:

In our first Workshop feature, we have Tan Hui Tian from Collateral Damage Studios. Hui Tian is a Singaporean Game Artist and will be hosting a workshop on “2D Art Fundamentals for Game Artists” in Campus Game Fest.

1) Hello Hui Tian! Please tell us more about yourself and Collateral Damage Studios.

Hi, I’m currently working as a game artist, and perhaps it goes without saying that I like games and art. I’ve always liked drawing as a kid, but didn’t think it was possible to make a living off drawing until a few years ago. In high school, manga and games was a huge thing amongst my friends and we would draw anime characters and exchange manga in class.

That passion for ‘otaku culture’ continued even through adulthood and is one of the reasons I joined Collateral Damage Studios (so that I have an excuse to draw in an anime style outside of work once in a while). The other reasons being that it’s always invigorating to hang out with people with similar interests, and being in a doujin group seems fun.

CDS for me is a collective of art enthusiasts who are passionate about animanga and pop culture. As a group, we draw a lot of fan art from various fandoms we are interested in and work closely with the fan community. And other times, we produce original works with sometimes surprising results, like the IE-tan project.

2) Your studio gained a huge following after you guys did the Internet Explorer short video for Anime Festival Asia. How has life changed since then?

Unfortunately, I joined them after the creation of Aizawa Inori so I wasn’t involved in the making of the video. But it was pretty exciting watching the video go viral. *cues KC* Uhm… Nothing much changed. Ahaha? We are still doing what we like and drawing our pretty pictures. Still aiming to do better!

3) What are the things attendees will expect to learn from your workshop?

I graduated from a graphic design course and most of my drawing skills are largely self-taught. Design school taught me other useful things such as typography, project management, packaging design, etc, but I was always slightly envious of my peers who had attended art school, until I realized I had already learnt most of what they were taught through real-life mentors and the internet.

In this workshop, I hope to impart what little I know to those who may have started their artistic journey later than me. I’ll be covering topics such as figure drawing, color & shape theory, rendering, perspective and composition. I’ll also talk about the production pipeline and what the art industry is like, for those who are interested in working in it.


4) Your workshop will be targeted at aspiring game artists. What is your number one advice for them to break into the industry?

For anyone aspiring to work as a game artist (or indeed as an artist in any other field), having a good portfolio is more important than having a certificate. As such, my number one advice is simply ‘make good art’. The local art industry is rather small and competitive, so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t succeed at first.

Join art forums like or facebook groups like Level Up! where you can rub shoulders with the professionals, and always seek to improve your skills by going to figure drawing sessions or reading instructional books from the library. More importantly, draw everyday for as many hours as you can afford to.

5) Any last shout-outs?

You can find my artworks online at, and contact me Be sure to visit and like our Facebook page at ! ;

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Doujima ( Singapore Doujin Artist Event)

Doujima ( Singapore Doujin Artist Event) | CDS ego boosting articles |
CDS.sgs insight:

Collateral Damage Studio was the group that came up with the sound activated Hatsune Miku T-shirt. I think most of the T-shirts were sold out by 4pm! Sorry…. no photos of the T-shirt -__-; I did take a video of the t-shirt in’ motion’, will upload soon hehehe!

- Kaika

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Interview: We chat with Collateral Damage Studios on their Internet Explorer mascot - Neowin

Interview: We chat with Collateral Damage Studios on their Internet Explorer mascot - Neowin | CDS ego boosting articles |
We briefly chat with the Collateral Damage Studios team as they talk about their Internet Explorer anime mascot Aizawa that was recently turned into a short film by Microsoft.
CDS.sgs insight:

Last month, Microsoft surprised the Internet with the release of a new anime style video that was designed to promote their Internet Explorer web browser. The clip showed a woman, who was the personification of IE, battling monsters that were meant to represent viruses and other threats. As it turned out, the heroine in the video was first created as a fan project several months ago by a group called Collateral Damage Studios. The IE mascot they made just for fun, which they named Aizawa Inori, caught Microsoft's attention and was turned into an official campaign for the browser.

Neowin got to ask a few questions to the team, which collectively answered them via email, about their IE mascot creation and if we will see Aizawa Inori again.

What can you tell us about Collateral Damage Studios? Where and when was it formed and how did the team get together?

Collateral Damage Studios was founded back in 2007 among a group of friends who just wanted to draw. We are a Singapore based group with aims to promote illustration and the appreciation for it within the community.

The creation of the IE anime character started just as a fan project. Is the team fond of IE and Microsoft in general?

They are the underdogs here and that appeals to the anime fan, yes? We might not be hardcore champions of their products but we don't dislike them.

Were you surprised by the reaction the mascot got when you first showed it on your site?

Quite surprised, really. Fans tend to prefer fan art and original art does not usually appeal as much. 

How did Microsoft contact you about the mascot?

They tracked us down and approached us in person during a local anime convention, International Cosplay Day Singapore.

How much input did the team have in adapting its mascot designs to Microsoft's ideas?

A lot. Our direct contact within Microsoft is really pleasant to work with and very receptive to our ideas. I suppose that he believes in giving us the creative leeway on presenting IE in a new light that will appeal to the fans.

How did you guys feel when Microsoft said they would make a anime short with your mascot design?

It was an immense challenge. Technically, CDS produced the anime with the help of another company, CACANi. It was cool. Very cool. We really enjoyed the time we spent dealing with the storyline of the animation short.

Will we see her again in future anime shorts and/or promotions?

During our time preparing for the animation, there were at least six other possible storylines we did boards for. Out of those, there are two others that we still think holds a lot of potential! If Microsoft is keen and willing to fund us, we would love to adapt those other stories on Aizawa into animation.

We want to thank the team for answering our questions!

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IE11’s anime mascot was made in S’pore

IE11’s anime mascot was made in S’pore | CDS ego boosting articles |
SINGAPORE — Don’t be fooled. The anime character in Microsoft’s latest online advertisement for its Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser, Inori Aizawa, may have a name that sounds Japanese, but she was born in Singapore.
CDS.sgs insight:

SINGAPORE — Don’t be fooled. The anime character in Microsoft’s latest online advertisement for its Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser, Inori Aizawa, may have a name that sounds Japanese, but she was born in Singapore.


Mr Low Zi Rong, an artist at local design firm Collateral Damage Studios (CDS), first created Inori on a whim in March, having seen fans create anime personifications of Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers, but not IE.


By May 13, a full character design for Inori was on the company’s Facebook page and went on to garner tens of thousands of “Likes” — as well as the attention of the software giant.

Mr KC Ng, General Manager of CDS — which has a 12-strong team of designers and was founded in 2007 — told TODAY: “We had been posting about the mascot we designed, and openly but jokingly asking Microsoft to call us. I suppose that caught their attention after a while.”


Mr Jonathan Wong, Apps and Services Marketing Lead at Microsoft Asia-Pacific, said it was Inori’s “really relatable character” that caught their attention. “When we first saw the original concept by CDS, we were very impressed by their creativity and the thought they put into Inori’s character design and backstory, to create a character that best represents the new IE.”

In August, he approached the CDS team at their booth at International Cosplay Day Singapore. The software giant has since announced that it has officially adopted the character as the anime face of IE11, which was released in the middle of last month.


“Things just went on from there. It’s really cool to collaborate with Microsoft ... They are very open to suggestions and we got a lot of creative freedom to produce an animation that we can be happy with,” said Mr Ng, 27.


Nanyang Technological University’s CACANi Animation was roped in to bring the initial artwork to life — the end result being Internet Explorer: The Anime, a promotional video which shows Inori fighting off killer robots with new abilities she gains following a metamorphosis.


Said 28-year-old Low, a CACANi member: “The biggest challenge we had was to assemble the team while having to deliver the final film on short notice and under a tight deadline. It also didn’t help that a few of us had our National Service call-ups at that time!


“But, ultimately, I think it was a great one-of-a-kind learning experience for all of us, a rare opportunity. The film is a testament that great animated films can be created locally.”


The two-minute clip was a hit. It was seen more than 300,000 times on YouTube ,and tech and culture website The Verge said the “Internet Explorer ad is its best yet”. Inori is also popular in her own right, with her official Facebook page boasting about 6,400 likes. “I think I just might start using IE,” a fan known as Jer-Luen Hu posted on Inori’s Facebook page.


And this may not be the last time Inori is gracing Microsoft’s advertisement collateral. Said Mr Ng: “CDS has discussed with Microsoft what else we want to do together. We will be providing new graphics for Inori’s Facebook page to keep engagement going. These graphics will be renewed on a seasonal basis. We have also discussed other stories we can tell with Inori, but that has yet to be decided upon.”


Inori will be officially launched at Anime Festival Asia 2013, held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre from today until Sunday. She will also be making her first appearance in the flesh, with J-Pop singer Valerie scheduled to make a cosplay appearance as Inori.


Go to to watch Internet Explorer: The Anime.

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Internet Explorer Tan - Inori Aizawa

Internet Explorer Tan - Inori Aizawa | CDS ego boosting articles |
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you Inori Aizawa, Microsoft's new mascot for Internet Explorer.
Inori might now join the ranks of OS Tan!

Inori's exclusive debut took place at Anime Festival Asia 13!
CDS.sgs insight:

Did not know quite what to expect at the Culture Japan Night on the 11 of November, I was surprised to see thatCollateral Damage Studios was given a slot to talk about Project Aizawa Inori.

As mentioned above, Aizawa Inori is the new mascot for Internet Explorer, the name many are familiar with.

The attendees playfully gave some kind of jeering.

Honestly, the presentation was nothing impressive but a burning question goes to why would this group of passionate, talented folks so enthusiastically work for an unpopular brand?

Despite a fellow attendee trying to stop me for asking a “rude” question, I raised my hand and asked the presenter, KC Ng, what drives them to work on such a weak brand?

While looking out for flying objects coming my direction and battling the growing background noise, I heard KC saying that it is quite simple, all the other browsers has their share of marketing and now Internet Explorer just got to have hers.

More noise and the next I heard was, “Just like if you never eat Curry Chicken yourself, how do you know that it is bad?”


I hung around after the presentation and was extremely lucky to caught KC with the help of my dear editor and asked him my question again. Do the team and he believe in the product or they believe that they can revive it?

Yes they believe in the product and again KC assured that Aizawa Inori has now come back stronger. As the conversation got more casual, KC’s eyes lit up as he shared with us that he is beginning to find fan arts and of Aizawa Inori and very impressively, there is even a piano cover of the animation theme!!

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Microsoft have made an Internet Explorer anime series

Microsoft have made an Internet Explorer anime series | CDS ego boosting articles |
Internet Explorer fights evil Japanese robots. This is absolutely insane.
CDS.sgs insight:

The big question is whether this is marketing genius - we're talking about it here, after all - or completely frivolous stuff from one of the world' biggest technology corporations.


But I have to confess, I can't wait to see the next one.

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Creative Advice From Creative People - Monsters Under the Bed

Creative Advice From Creative People - Monsters Under the Bed | CDS ego boosting articles |
We at Monsters Under The Bed think we know how best to spark that creative streak in kids, and how to nurture that spark into a full-blown flame that will lead to untold riches and fame from a creative career (specifically writing).
CDS.sgs insight:

Remember your work/life balance! Don’t forget to take a break once in a while and your passions will burn much longer!
General Manager, Collateral Damage Studios

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Lowpoly Ltd.: Little Internet Explorer

Lowpoly Ltd.: Little Internet Explorer | CDS ego boosting articles |
CDS.sgs insight:

People drawing more Aizawa Inori chan~

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Haimerejzero on DA Art Tribute~!  All by the same...

Haimerejzero on DA Art Tribute~!  All by the same... | CDS ego boosting articles |
Haimerejzero on DA Art Tribute~! All by the same amazing artist, that can be found below:
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Spotted! Low Zirong aka WaHa

Spotted! Low Zirong aka WaHa | CDS ego boosting articles |
We briefly introduced Low Zirong when he designed our January banner, but we thought we’d take a closer look at his work.
CDS.sgs insight:



We briefly introduced Low Zirong when he designed our January banner, but we thought we’d take a closer look at his work.


Zirong graduated from NUS with a degree in Mathematics but went on to be an animator/illustrator for NTU GameLab. As a self-trained, multi-talented artist, WaHa diversifies his vibrant, cheerful and crazily detailed work into game concept art, mascot design and comics. ”I am detailed to a fault, and will spend days conceptualizing and doing sketches till I am satisfied with what I see.”


Zirong worked on various projects inlcuding Calypso Agency which won the Singapore Digicon Gold Award in 2010. Highly supportive of other local artists and an advocate of collabs within the community, he participated in the creation of Pimp Butler and Superscenic 2.


Kick back and appreciate more of the man’s fine-looking work on his Tumblr and Pixiv.

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Otakuzine Anime Magazine #79

Otakuzine Anime Magazine #79 | CDS ego boosting articles |
Facebook est un réseau social qui vous relie à des amis, des collègues de travail, des camarades de classe ou d’autres personnes qui ont quelque chose à partager avec vous.
CDS.sgs insight:

Otakuzine #79. Pg. 12-13. Special Feature


"Singaporean doujin circle, Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) was founded by a group of art enthusiasts back in 2007. Heavily influenced by Japanese comics and animation, CDS aims to continuously hone and improve the quality of their collective lot. Through their artworks, they hope to inspire creativity and make the world a prettier place for everyone. Recently at STGCC 2012, they debuted their first all-original illustration book featuring artworks from their active artists, Superscenic 2."

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Spotted! Lim Wei Lun

Spotted! Lim Wei Lun | CDS ego boosting articles |
Allow us to introduce to you Lim Wei Lun aka Usanekorin, a student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and another fantastic member of the doujin group CDS. "I like all kinds of art-styles and I'm particularly fond of the manga style which is what my style is based on. I love to draw characters and backgrounds. I also love composition and lighting as well so I will try to make use of those to enhance my illustrations." Tweet
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EOY: The Doujin Experiment

EOY: The Doujin Experiment | CDS ego boosting articles |
Event of the Year 2014 has ended and no one’s resting just yet, for another event is around the corner. I’m not resting on my laurels too, as I continue to diligently scout the local doujin scene t...
CDS.sgs insight:

If you love Date A Live, you’ll know of the solo project carried out by GreenTeaCat of Collateral Damage Studios. Combining the straightforward gameplay of Scissors-Paper-Stone with a some trading card games elements, GreenTeaCat has created a simple card game for Date A Live fans to have fun with. Of course playing requires a registration fee, for interested players are also entitled to a number of badges of the same anime.

This isn’t the first time CDS has done something unique though. The last time they did was during the same event last year, albeit with a different name. Kantai Collection was the main feature that time, and CDS sold packets of “parts” which fans could use to trade in for their preferred character badges. While the ultimate prize was the same old, the journey towards was different, and this was arguably the source of the spark which prompted more and more booths to be creative in the way they run their sales, notably Daiyaku with their Scissors-Paper-Stone versus game in the recent Cosfest.

That said, EOY has been the event of experimenting with ideas, with CDS in particular having done their more extravagant endeavours in this event to varying success. With that in mind, I encourage other groups to step out and try something different, not just in EOY, but in other events as well.

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*SCAPE IT! Issue 9 Jun-May 2014. Our own arts entrepreneurs.

*SCAPE IT! Issue 9 Jun-May 2014. Our own arts entrepreneurs. | CDS ego boosting articles |
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[TECH] Inori Aizawa

[TECH] Inori Aizawa | CDS ego boosting articles |
So! Yesterday, AFA Channel's Facebook page posted a new status about a theme pack for Windows (sorry Apple users...) which has Internet Explorer's mascot in it. It is actually up for download for those of you who might be interested in trying it out.
CDS.sgs insight:

"Credits and a big shout out to Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) – you should check them out if you don’t know who they are. Those chumps were the ones behind Inori’s design, and yours truly really likes how she looks so far. Nicely done lads!"

~ Jeno

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Inori Aizawa at Culture Japan Night 2013 -

Inori Aizawa at Culture Japan Night 2013 - | CDS ego boosting articles |
Danny Choo was back in town for the recently concluded Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and Culture Japan Night 2013. Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) was invited to share their experience of creating Inori Aizawa for the launch of Internet Explorer (IE)...
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Cultural Night After AFA13

Cultural Night After AFA13 | CDS ego boosting articles |
Anime Festival Asia 2013 maybe over, but there's still a social assembly left to attend on the day after... the usual Post AFA gathering of Culture Japan Night. Held at the Kallang Theatre near the...
CDS.sgs insight:

Collateral Damage Studios, a local doujin cricle, have a presence and a small panel after Danny-san’s, introducing and answering questions posted by attending comrades on Aizawa Inori, the official mascot for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer designed by them!

凄い! Their work has finally gained recognition from the corporate world! :D

They assured long time fans that their doujin circle will still exists even though they have  ventured into the commercial world. XDc

On the other side of the presentation area, C.D.S. set up a small corner to showcase and of course put up one of their art book for sale.

Really impressive and beautifully illustrated artworks there!

While didn’t make it during AFA, they also had a set of Aizawa Inori cosplay displayed here.

Too bad no cosplayer to feature the outfit during the event though. w   

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Culture Japan Night Singapore '13

Culture Japan Night Singapore '13 | CDS ego boosting articles |
This year. the Culture Japan Night is held after the AFA13 at the Kallang Theatre again, same as last year. The entrance fee for this year is S$5 compared to last year is S$10. And for this year, i...
CDS.sgs insight:

they have showcased some really awesome artwork by our local artist.

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IEのゆるキャラー―藍澤祈の誕生の物語|The Story Of How Aizawa Inori, Internet Explorer’s Anime Mascot came about

IEのゆるキャラー―藍澤祈の誕生の物語|The Story Of How Aizawa Inori, Internet Explorer’s Anime Mascot came about | CDS ego boosting articles |
CDS.sgs insight:

先日、僕は掲載した今年のAFAですぐにアナウンスするのゆるキャラーの事。今日、公式のクリエーターのCollateral Damage StudiosのFacebookで、そのキャラーが披露されました。




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Comiket 84 2013

Comiket 84 2013 | CDS ego boosting articles |
CDS.sgs insight:

" We even had the opportunity to meet Zun! We also had the chance to meet up with a Singaporean Circle (Collateral Damage Studio) and had a chat with them of their Doujin selling experience."

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Collateral Damage Studios - Cute~Pop

Collateral Damage Studios - Cute~Pop | CDS ego boosting articles |
Cute-Pop is very happy to feature our Local (Singapore) Art & Doujin group - Collateral Damage Studios. View our exclusive Q&A session with them on Cute-Pop
CDS.sgs insight:

Cute-Pop is very happy to feature our Local (Singapore) Art & Doujin group – Collateral Damage Studios. You will almost always see them around in Japanese related events in Singapore, providing professional level artwork and merchandise.

Now on Cute-Pop, you will get to know them better. Next time drop by to their booth and help us say HI to them! Tell them Cute-Pop sent you ~

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Manga Mondays ~ Low Zirong aka WaHa

Manga Mondays ~ Low Zirong aka WaHa | CDS ego boosting articles |
Presenting the work of the very talented Singapore illustrator Low Zirong.
CDS.sgs insight:

Illustrator's Lounge


"Presenting the work of the very talented Singapore illustrator Low Zirong. Currently with Collateral Damage Studios, he has worked a range of projects including Manga and animation. Mr. Zirong has a tumblr where he features quite a lot of his delightful sketches, but for his stand-out work you have to check out his pixiv profile. Thanks Komicer for the suggestion!"

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