Challenge Based Learning in Action | CBL and How We Do It @ Charlotte County Public Schools |

Challenge Based Learning has been going strong in Charlotte County, Florida. We participated in the Apple/New Media Consortium/Full Sail Challenge Based Learning Pilot project during the 2010 to 2011 school year and the students at Murdock Middle School created some great projects. This school year, 2011 to 2012, definitely followed the true CBL model and each student team selected a project focused on bettering the community around them. Their topics were varied but very interesting. As their instructor, one observation I want to share is we really needed to have more time dedicated to bringing their project to fruition. Also, having students create a website that they could track their information was a wonderful way to build their project portfolio, plus all you need is a URL to access their information. I wanted them to create their own website, and then a group one using iWeb to showcase all their media assets. They need to create the following to fulfill the CBL model:

~Challenge Video

~Solution Video

~3 Reflection Videos

The students worked in teams of 4 and their job titles were:

~Team Manager


~Music Producer


They selected their team names, their jobs, and their topics. They are the ones who complete their project. As their teacher, I advise, teach the tech skills as needed, and make sure they have the tools they need.

To complete a true CBL model, you do need to have Apple products. A Mac is helpful, but you can use and iPad or even an iPod too!

I have some websites I can share but for now, I will end here.

Hope you enjoyed the article and CBL too!